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Transform do not use PIP implants today and have not used them for 6 years. Our implants are manufactured by Allergan to stringent specifications as outlined on our implant product page.

However, you may have heard or read in the media about "PIP implants" and be concerned about associated health risks. 
PIP implants were used by cosmetic surgery providers and also the NHS. The implants were manufactured in France by a company called Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP). The company went into administration in March 2010 and at the same time concerns about their manufacturing processes were first raised. Primarily, the concern was PIP had been using a different silcon gel in implants from that approved by authorities. The owner of PIP is currently facing legal proceedings over this fraud.

There has been much media commentary devoted to whether the unapproved gel is toxic or carcinogenic (causes cancer). Extensive tests carried out by government health authorities globally have found no such evidence. However, there is consensus and evidence PIP implants have a greater likelihood to rupture.

Advice to patients

This page is intended to give advice to patients concerned about or affected by PIP. If you have not previously contacted us about this matter, your first step should be to contact your local clinic who will arrange a free consultation with your surgeon , or phone our PIP enquiry line 08000 214 102.

Transform's current position on PIP is as follows;

  • Free consultation with your surgeon
  • Free scan
  • Free removal of implants
  • Until 31/12/2013 reaugmentation at a cost of £2500 (for patients who were originally implanted after January 2001)

Useful links


Transform facebook PIP page

Department of Health's PIP Expert Group Report 


Your questions answered

Do Transform use PIP implants?
Since 2006, Transform has used PIP implants in only a very small number of operations.

I had my operation before 2006. Do I have PIP?
Not necessarily. You should call our PIP line 08000 214 102 and we will check your records.

I have PIP implants. What should I do?
First, contact us and we will arrange for a free consultation and free scan. This will establish initially the condition of your implants and plan an appropriate course of action for you.

Will it cost me to have my implants removed?
Transform offers free removal for Transform PIP patients. Should you wish the implants replaced with Allergan implants, the cost is £2500.

How many patients are affected?
In the UK it's believed around 40,000 patients are affected. Just over 5,000 Transform patients received PIP implants.

How do I find out if I have PIP implants?
If you had your operation after 2006 - and you have not already heard from us, you do not have PIP. If you had your operation before 2006 you should contact us on 08000 214 102 and we will check your medical records.

PIP Timeline

October 2012 - Transform submits evidence for the review announced in August.

August 2012 - The Department of Health announces its "Review of Cosmetic Interventions" (first announced in January 2012). The objective being to shape future of cosmetic surgery sector, evaluate clinical standards, regulation of medical devices and implants and surgeon qualifications. 

July 2012 - Transform publishes "The Clear Charter" - 5 commitments and 15 promises relating to patient care and clinical responsibilities.

June 2012 - The PIP Expert Group (appointed earlier in 2012), makes its final report to Parliament. It concludes; exhaustive testing shows the implants are not toxic or carcinogenic (cancer causing). The group concludes PIP implants do have a higher than normal rupture rate. 

March 2012 - The MHRA announce that their French counterparts AFSAPPS have issued an alert concerning PIP implants manufactured prior to 2001.

March 2012 - A Group Litigation Order (GLO) was announced in Cardiff. The purpose of a GLO is to bring together claims and claimants with common issues to avoid multiple legal proceedings.

January 2012 - The Department of Health (DoH) announces two enquiries relating to PIP implants; the first chaired by Lord Howe on the sequence of events leading up to the PIP crisis and the second, a review of the cosmetic sector led by NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh.

January 2012 - The Department of Health advises there is not enough evidence to support the routine removal of PIP implants. This advice is based on exhaustive testing conducted by many international health agencies.

December 2011 - Shortly before Christmas, the French Government recommends removal of PIP implants of all its citizens.

May 2011 - The MHRA issues further statement advising exhaustive tests have revealed there is no evidence of toxicity of the filler material used in implants.

October 2010 - On the back of media coverage, MHRA Clinical Director advises there is no evidence of toxicity or adverse health effects arising from the gel filler in PIP.

September 2010 - The MHRA announces their test results of PIP implants. Although not as extensive as those conducted by French authorities they conclude there is no safety issue.

March 2010 - The MHRA announces all cosmetic providers should cease use of PIP implants as PIP goes into administration and concerns are raised about the manufacturing processes used.

Spring 2006 - Transform ends supplier relationship with PIP and Allergan becomes principal supplier of implants.