5 things to know about Medical Aesthetic Vaser liposuction

Many people hear “liposuction” and can feel daunted by the idea…

However, with the development of Medical Aesthetic Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) liposuction techniques, which use precise ultrasound waves rather than surgery, a lot of your concerns about the procedure might be abated. Unlike its traditional alternative, there is no general anaesthesia involved in the non-surgical option which means minimised risk, downtime and no ‘groggy’ feeling or fatigue. Here are five important things to know about non-invasive liposuction:

1. It offers a faster recovery period

As Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound to dissolve the fat underneath the skin, rather than being a surgical procedure, the time needed to recover is significantly lower. There’s little to no potential for surgical scarring, as you may see in traditional liposuction, and you’ll need to wear a compression garment for a significantly shorter amount of time. Rather than being stuck using a compression garment for up to six months, you’ll be able to be unrestrained by the garment within as little as six weeks.

This will provide you with the freedom you need to get back on your feet, and you’ll are unlikely to have issues scarring, bruising or any other temporary damage as experienced with invasive liposuction procedures. Instead, the fat simply freezes and gets absorbed and processed by your body, with no external signs that you’ve had the procedure at all!

2. It’s quick and convenient

The procedure takes from one to three hours, and since there’s no surgery involved, you won’t need to stay overnight with us to recover, so there’s no need to pack a bag. With Medical Aesthetic Vaser liposuction, you’re able to continue as normal with the only interruption to your lifestyle being a compression garment for a few weeks, and the lifestyle adjustments required to keep the weight off.

As the technique is designed for toning specific areas rather than significant weight loss, there’s also less to do than when using traditional liposuction. Vaser liposuction is a “walk in, walk out” procedure which means that there’ll be minimal interruption to your day, so you could be working in the morning, having this procedure in the afternoon, and spending the evening with friends and family. The quick and easy nature of the procedure means that life can continue as normal after you’ve left the clinic.

3. There’s no anaesthesia involved

As there are no surgical incisions or invasions of your body in any way, there is no pain in the procedure and anaesthesia is not required. Vaser itself stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, meaning that the procedure uses high-frequency ultrasound vibrations to shake the fat cells loose. They’re later removed via your body absorbing the loose cells.

Thanks to the specific frequency of the ultrasound, only fat cells are damaged, leaving nerves, blood vessels, muscle and connective tissue completely unaffected. Since no damage is done to any important tissue, you won’t feel any pain, and you’ll be able to walk out of the procedure without any grogginess at all. You’ll be able to get on with your day, with no negative effects from the procedure. 

4. The procedure improves skin appearance

People with excess fat in areas such as under the chin, around the torso or on their hips may have uneven or dimpled skin, caused by the underlying fatty tissues below the skin. Vaser causes the skin in these areas to retract after the procedure has taken place. This means that your skin will become tighter and will appear smoother and more natural. In addition to getting that difficult weight off on the inside, it will make the affected areas look significantly better on the outside too. 

5. Vaser is most effective at your target weight

Although Vaser is good at removing the fatty tissue in highly targeted areas, it isn’t designed to be a weight loss technique and ideally, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will have gotten most of your excess weight off. Instead, the goal of the Vaser procedure should be to tone your figure and contour your body in ways that you’ve not been able to achieve through traditional workouts and diet. It isn’t the big solution to any weight loss problems, due to the precise nature of the ultrasound technique, but if you’ve earned yourself a great figure with just a few issues in select areas, it can be a quick and easy way to get rid of those niggling problems.

On the other hand, patients who want to use Vaser for quick weight loss are likely to put the weight right back on, as they’ve not adapted to the necessary lifestyle to keep it off. If you’re able to keep up your healthy lifestyle, the areas affected by the procedure will stay as toned as they were right after the process.

Start your Vaser liposuction journey with us…

Our GMC-registered expert surgeons are able to break down and remove targeted areas of fat cells that are proving so hard to shift with endless hours in the gym. Typical Medical Aesthetic liposuction procedures last just one to three hours and are provided on a walk-in, walk-out basis – so there’s no need to pack an overnight bag. While the procedure is relatively quick, it is effective. If you maintain an active lifestyle and balanced diet after your procedure, you can enjoy optimal results from your treatment. Come and see us for a free consultation to find out more about Medical Aesthetic Vaser Liposuction and whether it could suit your body goals.



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