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Our Lead Aesthetician Mamuna explains why CoolSculpting is all everyone is talking about…

“CoolSculpting recently celebrated 10 years of market approval, marking a decade since it launched it’s fat-freezing treatments in over 30 countries worldwide. With, more than 7 million treatments being performed worldwide since the launch, this is truly is an iconic milestone. Whether you want to tone-up, sculpt or define your body, CoolSculpting is ideal and something I recommend for all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for both men and women, most people are suitable for CoolSclupting treatment so long as they are committed to living a healthy lifestyle before, during and after treatment. This procedure is excellent for those who invest a lot of time and effort into losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle but are constantly blocked by impervious and stubborn fat.

For some, Surgery is just not an option due to being unable to take time out for recovery and so this procedure is ideal for reducing fat on multiple areas of the body including the stomach, flanks (love handles), chin, inner thighs and the back of the arms.”

CoolSculpting at Transform

Mamuna is based at our Manchester York Street clinic, which was one of the first to offer CoolSclupting fat reduction treatment. We are proud to be the longest service provider in the UK, treating thousands of patients over the past 6 years with this transforming body procedure.

With years of specialist research into how our body stores fat and more than 60 scientific and clinical journal papers published, CoolSculpting delivers a safe, effective treatment that uses a measured and controlled cooling system to reduce and eliminate fat. With proven results, this system is specifically designed to address stubborn pockets of fat that are impervious to diet and exercise and offers a reduction of fat in these targeted areas.

How CoolSculpting can support your healthy lifestyle goals…

Re-Boot Your Mindset

It’s time to ditch the embarrassment, pessimistic self-pity, and frustration by committing to a procedure that is designed to re-set your mind, re-boot your attitude and revive your spirit. When we desire to improve the way we look and feel, we often make self-confessed promises which are regurgitated every few hours with the lack of commitment to actually do.

CoolSculpting eases the conscience and leaves you brimming with confidence. So why not make a positive change that will encourage you to maintain your healthy lifestyle efforts, once you see the results you will be even more driven to keep up those good habits.

Re-Define Your Body

If you want to lose stubborn fat and start making positive lifestyle changes, CoolSculpting is a complementary procedure that can help you to overcome barriers and improve your health.  The ultimate goal is to help you reduce stubborn fat and re-define your body whilst encouraging and supporting your healthy lifestyle choices.  The more proactive you are, the better the results you will see.

Regain Body Confidence  

Low confidence and little self-esteem play a big role in our self-perception; compared to how others see us, especially when it comes to weight. By not feeling comfortable in our own body, can breed all sorts of insecurities and often can hinder our life choices.

Being confident and happy is important, with positive lifestyle changes and a commitment to self-improvement, anything is possible. By simply considering these steps you will prove to yourself just how much you want to make a change and see that it is always within your power to do so. 

Book a CoolSculpting Consultation 

Our CoolSculpting procedure will help you get back to feeling confident and improving your overall sense of self! You will look and feel better and will be proud of just what you’ve accomplished!



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