What can we learn about cosmetic surgery from Love Island?

Love Island has officially taken over our summer.

Since it launched onto our screens last month, we’ve been basically living our lives vicariously through a group of attractive twenty-somethings in a villa. Don’t even talk to us between the hours of 9-10pm – our social lives are officially on hold and we are only coming up for air to contribute to the group chat to compare notes and swap relatable memes.

Has she, or hasn’t she?

But aside from the latest recoupling drama and finding out who’s been dumped from the island, there are a number of more complex topics making headlines that deserve some careful thought, including major speculation about what cosmetic procedures the contestants might have undergone.

From the gorgeous Molly-Mae Hague to last year’s Megan Barton-Hanson, female contestants, in particular, are being scrutinised by the media and online about whether or not they have had cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetic treatments.

Let’s be clear: the comments about contestants’ cosmetic enhancements and their looks, in general, are not OK.

The choice to undergo cosmetic surgery or a medical aesthetics procedure (like lip fillers) is a personal, sensitive and sometimes, a very emotional decision that you shouldn’t feel obliged to reveal or justify to anyone. We believe that who you choose to share your procedure with, is always your choice, and your choice only.


Doing it for you

In addition, another topic that has hit the headlines is whether the prevalence of seemingly “perfect” bodies on our screens is having a negative impact on viewers, leading to people who’ve never thought about getting cosmetic surgery suddenly considering it, to achieve the look of their favourite contestant.

Whilst undergoing a cosmetic surgery or a medical aesthetic treatment can be hugely empowering, it is much more than just a summer makeover and must be done for the right reasons, in a responsible and considered way.

Surgical or not, these treatments should always be seen as a serious decision, with long-term and possibly life-changing impacts. While you might read stories about ‘quick fix’ makeovers that contestants have had in preparation for entering the Love Island villa, in reality, there is no such thing as a last-minute boob job.

It’s easy to think that just because lots of people in the villa have done it, cosmetic interventions are no big deal. But the truth is that cosmetic surgery is a serious undertaking and it’s important that you weigh up your reasons for wanting surgery against the potential risks that it carries.

It’s also important that you are undertaking surgery or a treatment for the right reasons and that it is your choice and nobody’s else. What you choose to do with your face and body is absolutely your prerogative. You should always make sure that you are fully informed about the procedure you are considering, including any potential risks and that you have taken time to really think about it and what it means for you.

 It is also important that you have a realistic understanding of the results you are likely to achieve. In a consultation with one of our expert surgeons, you can discuss the look you are hoping to achieve, and they will be able to provide guidance on what the treatment outcome is likely to be. They can even show you before and after examples of their work, so you know what you might expect.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery or a medical aesthetics procedure, get in touch with one of our friendly patient advisors, who can give you the full picture before potentially starting a journey with Transform.

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