5 drinks to beautify your skin this NYE

Drink your way to younger skin

It’s is the most wonderful time of year… catching up with friends over festive cocktails, heading to the German markets mulled wine in hand and a diary filled with parties and prosecco. Getting into the Christmas spirit sometimes means before we know it we’ve drunk far more than we usually would at any other time of the year. Not to mention New Year’s Eve! Besides the usual suspects of a sore head, a depleted bank balance and a killer hangover – too much alcohol can spell disaster to our skin, hair and nails too.

But the question is, can we undo our mistakes and drink our way to beautiful, glowing skin, a gorgeous complexion and a positive mindset? Here are our top 5 tips when it comes to drinking through the festivities, so we can begin 2019 feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new year.

1. Step away from the vino

If you’ve got a teeth whitening course on your Christmas Wishlist then red wine is definitely a no-go as it can cause staining and discolouration. Aficionados of tea, coffee and red wine will know this all too well!

Not to mention red wine can be bad for your skin too and cause the mother of all hangovers. This is because it contains congeners which contribute to your poorly head the next day as well as ageing the skin.

2. Swap wine for spirits

Everyone knows that alcohol isn’t good for your skin, but they aren’t made equally and can have different effects– so if can’t resist a drink at Christmas then our best advice is to make Vodka, lime and soda your new go-to drink at your next festive shindig.

This is because clear drinks like a good quality vodka, gin or tequila leave your body quicker as well as containing fewer calories which is always a bonus at this time of year when we are most likely to overindulge.

3. Glow from within

What about the morning after? Pinterest boards will give you some good ideas. Fruit-infused water, smoothies and mocktails containing the following ingredients are they key to a youthful, sun-kissed glow:

  • Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants, particularly beta-carotene which gives it its glorious orange colour. Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A by the body – and is known to give the skin a healthy, golden glow. You can read more about our pumpkin beauty hacks on the blog.
  • Lemon is beauty’s best-kept secret to glowing skin and we’re not just talking homemade beauty hacks and lemon facemasks. A daily glass of icy lemon water first thing in the morning is a great routine to get into and can have a number of benefits to your complexion including being both an acne-fighter and a natural anti-aging remedy.

Drink straight from the cup of youth by whizzing one of the following veggies in a blender for a smoothie full of goodness:

  • Cucumber contains around 96% water so when you infuse your water with cucumber, you are essentially hydrating the skin and giving it a drink. It is also high in antioxidants which is important for our skin particularly as we get older in order to flush out toxins and keep it looking fresh.
  • Cayenne pepper infused water is another social media trend when it comes to drinking your way to supermodel skin but drink with caution as too much can cause irritation especially if you have a pre-existing stomach problem.
  • If you drink in moderation, it can help towards improving your skin, keeping it looking firm and hydrated as well as giving a smoother, plumper complexion. *Warning – contains a kick*

4. Drink your way to younger skin

One of the best ingredients you can take to improve the health and appearance of your skin is collagen; it has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing.

Beauty & Go Skin Shot contains collagen, along with hyaluronic acid for hydration and their patented MacroAntioxidants®. Add to this, superfoods like turmeric and cocoa, fruits, natural plant extract and skin ‘hero’ pycnogenol, essential vitamins and minerals and you have a cocktail of skin feeding nutrients. The ingredients are also fantastic for improving the condition of your hair and nails. An independent study found that after just 30 days of Beauty & Go skin shots, skin firmness improved by 50%, elasticity by 23% and radiance by 7%. Gorgeous!

5. Book yourself in for a refreshing treatment

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting fix than makeup can offer, come and see us for a free consultation with our medical aesthetics experts– we can put together a personalised treatment plan which can specifically address your anti-aging concerns.

We offer a wide range of treatments including line & wrinkle smoothing, dermal fillers and non-surgical PDO thread lifts which can all turn back the clock to create a more youthful look.

Speak to a skin specialist 

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