6 beauty resolutions to adopt in 2019

Easy ways to get better skin in 2019

New year, new you? Or just same you, better habits?

January motivates us to try harder, be better, look after ourselves more. And you know what? We’re all for it.

But remember to give yourself a break through the hype. You can’t conquer your lifelong goals in one month but adopting good beauty habits is a start.

Here’s to feeling beautiful in January 2019 and beyond (as the same you- you’re already enough!).

1.Take your makeup off before bed

We all fall asleep in our makeup after a night out (along with lashes, contact lenses, chicken fillets, need we go on?) and that’s OK. Neutrogena’s finest face wipes and a shot of mouthwash is the best combo we’ve ever come up with on a head clouded by Rose Cava. Once in a while is fine but make it a habit – and you’re risking blackheads, spots, and poorly, irritated skin. Prolonged laziness with your skincare routine can lead to premature ageing in your face, too. Grab your cleanser, toner and moisturiser- and wash those impurities away while the night (and your skin) is still young.

2. Keep your toolkit clean

We know it’s boring and grimy and time-consuming. But cleaning your cosmetics brushes contributes to the overall health and beauty of your skin. Do you really want to be slathering the remains of your NYE concealer on come summer, after you’ve drunkenly dropped said brush on a cubicle floor in Weatherspoon’s? Not only are clean makeup brushes more hygienic, but they’re so much better at applying powder, highlighter, bronzer and all the other products tucked away in your makeup bag. Don’t be lazy Sandra, get it sorted before Valentine’s Day at least!

3. Re-use natural products

Conscious living is everywhere you turn in the UK; especially since 600,000 of our residents are now vegan. There’s no better time to start than the dawn of Veganuary. Whether cutting animal products is or isn’t for you, you can contribute by reusing sustainable beauty products that would otherwise go to waste. Try using cold teabags to brighten your skin and coconut oil for lavish Ariana-esque hair. Top tip? Blend together fruit & veg for a gloopy hair smoothie, using mushy ingredients close to their `best before`. You’ll never want to spend £18 on a mask ever again.

4. Eat for your skin

Your diet affects the way your skin looks and feels. We’re not saying you’ll get spots from eating chocolate (still not proven) and the odd McChicken Sandwich- but eating nutrient-rich goodies too will help you in the long run. It’s a common misconception that eating `healthy` foods will make you look and feel better all over; you need to focus on a specific goal to reap the benefits. For fresh and beautiful skin, try increasing the intake these essential vitamins:  

  • Vitamin A – Sweet potato or salmon
  • Vitamin C – Spinach or citrus fruits
  • Vitamin E – Avocado or nut butter
  • Beta-Carotene – Tomatoes or colourful peppers
  • Zinc – Broccoli or eggs

5. Glug your 2 litres a day

60% of our bodies are made of water, so it’s no surprise we need to top up our fluids on the reg. Along with keeping our energy levels up and maintaining hydration, water is a cheap and accessible beauty treatment that we can all get on board with. Make sure you drink 1.2-2 litres per day, and up to 3 litres if you are hitting the gym. This will ensure sweat, dirt, and all the little toxins are flushed out of your body. If you can’t stomach plain h20, try herbal tea, flavoured vitamin water or low sugar squash instead.  

6. Try new treatments

Looking fresh, well and beautiful means different things to different people. Whether it’s contoured cheeks, fuller lips or bright eyes- it’s all about enhancing the gorgeous features that you were born with. 

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