Finding the right bra for your breast shape

The best bras for your boobs for Valentine’s Day and beyond

Every pair of breasts is different and unique. And whilst we proudly celebrate our individuality, it doesn’t always make finding the right bra that looks nice, keeps us comfortable and secures our boobs easy to achieve. So, with that in mind and with Valentine’s Day coming up, we have put together a short guide on how to select the perfect bra to ensure your girls are given the respect and support they deserve. Let’s take a look at these lovely bras for different breast shapes.


Think breasts where there is less upper cleavage and the shape gently slopes down towards the nipple.

Best bra for this shape: If you are looking to even out the shape of your breasts then a demi bra with wide wider straps would be the answer. If fullness is something you want to achieve then a push-up bra with crescent padding will help push the lower part of the breast up.There are so many beautiful bras for shallow breasts.


DIM Sublim Lace Demi-Cup Bra, £31, La Redoute

Valentine’s Day:

Lace Demi Bra, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, £41, stylebop.com

Wide-set breasts

Wide-set or splayed breasts are when your boobs don’t naturally sit together and drift towards the east and west of your body.

Best bra for this shape: To help bring your breasts closer together you ideally want to look towards a triangular bra with some underwiring to help your breasts fit more comfortably in front. Equally, side support panels will also help push your cleavage closer together.Take a look at a couple of our favourite bras for wide set breasts.


Out From Under Simply Minimal Triangle Bralette, £20, Urban Outfitters

Valentine’s Day:

Padded Triangle bra, £16, Topshop


This shape is more prominent in women who are a C-cup or smaller. Your breast will be shaped more like a cone as opposed to a round shape.

Best bra for this shape: When you’re looking for a good bra for conical breasts, bear in mind that for added comfort you’ll need a fully padded bra. The T-shirt bra is the best style for conical-shaped breasts.


Lightly Lined Wireless Bra, £35.94, Victoria’s Secret

Valentine’s Day:

Grey Print T-Shirt Bra – Modern Chic, £22.70, Wonderbra

Uneven/asymmetrical breasts

Believe it or not, nearly half of women have one breast which is bigger than the other. So, it’s completely natural to have asymmetrical breasts.

Best bra for this shape: To help even out your breasts, a contoured or moulded cup will help create a softer, even silhouette, whilst giving you the support you need.


Freya Deco Moulded Soft Cup Bra Black, £21, Lazeme

Valentine’s Day:

Elara Fuller Bust Plunge Bra, £20, Ultimo

Larger settled

Your breasts may not be a perky as they once were and are hanging lower with the need for some extra support.

Best bra for this shape: Your breasts need some structure, so opt for a full cup bra which can help support bigger and unsupported boobs. If you know what to look for, there are some really functional pretty bras for large breasts.


Panache Clara Full Cup Champagne Bra, £14.40, JD Williams

Valentine’s Day:

Elomi Cate Full Cup Wired Petrol Bra, £21.50, Simply Be

Larger self-supported

This shape describes women with fuller boobs. Anyone who has had a breast augmentation would be describe as having self-supported breasts, as they maintain their position with or without a bra.

Best bra for this shape: Most bras will look great if you fall into this category. If your boobs meet closer together then a plunge bra is a great option. For those sitting a bit further part, either a plunge or balconette bra is ideal.


Fantasie Charlotte Underwired Side Support Bra, £35, Figleaves

Valentine’s Day:

Superboost Lace Deep V Bralet, £13, Gossard

Thin breasts

Sometimes referred as tubular breasts, thin breasts are essentially not as wide in shape, which makes fitting into a traditional bra more difficult.

Best bra for this shape: To help your boobs sit closer together a bandeau bra will help create more proportionate looking breasts.There are plenty of gorgeous bandeau bras for tubular boobs, options for occasion and every day.


Non-wired bandeau bra, £5.99, H&M

Valentine’s Day:

New Look Eyelash Bandeau Bra, £12.99, ASOS

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