What type of boobs do I have?

9 types of boobs: What type of boobs do I have?

We are all different and so are our boobs! Round boobs, slender boobs, bell boobs…our best girlfriends all come in different shapes and sizes. Which boobs do you have?

1. Round

If your girls are close together and equally full at the top and the bottom, then they probably fit into the round category. As the most enviable shape, they are usually self-supporting without a bra so it’s not surprising that round implants are traditionally the most popular option when it comes to choosing the shape of your new boobies.

Although round boobs are most associated with having a breast enlargement, round implants can look just as natural as teardrop-shaped ones especially if they are placed under the muscle.


2. East/West

East/west boobs are what they say on the tin! If your boobs or nipples face in opposite directions, then this is you. A trusty t-shirt bra will be your go-to if you have east/west boobs for smoothing over the shape and drawing your boobs that little bit closer together.


3. Side Set

If you’re a side set girl, then your boobs are very similar to your east/west counterpart in that they aren’t joint at the hip but are slightly fuller in their overall shape. Opt for a plunge style bra to push them up and pull them closer together to create that gorgeous cleavage.


4. Teardrop

If you a natural teardrop, you’re a lucky gal… When it comes to breast surgery, more and more women are requesting teardrop shaped implants because they are said to resemble the natural boob silhouette the most by being subtly fuller at the bottom than the top.


5. Slender

Slender breasts have three main characteristics – being slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom and longer than they are wide. As slender boobies are often small in cup size, if you want to create the illusion of a larger cleavage, then go for plunge bra styles with added push up.


6. Asymmetric

As your beauty therapist may have told you, eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Well, the same applies to our boobs, and most women all have one breast that is slightly bigger than the other, it’s not a biggie.

But if one of your breasts have always been considerably bigger, then a good push up bra can give the support and lift you need to balance out the asymmetry.


7. Bell Shape

Bell shape boobies are much like slender boobs in their shape except they are bigger in size. The best bras for bell boobs would be supportive, with extra wide and adjustable straps to provide lots of lift. This would include full coverage, full cup bras, non-padded wired support bras and not forgetting, a comfortable t-shirt bra.


8. Athletic

Of course, you can have a naturally athletic frame but this being said, lots of our gorgeous gym bunnies tell us that they have lost volume in their breasts and have athletic boobs. These types of boobs are wide, muscular in shape and usually relatively small in cup size with little breast tissue.


9. Relaxed

Relaxed boobs are defined by their lack of firmness or if your nipples are facing downwards. You might have naturally relaxed breasts, but a lot of the time our boobs relax their shape and lose volume after breastfeeding or simply due to the natural ageing process. If your boobs need support, we would recommend full coverage bras with thick, adjustable straps to give you lift and shape.


What type of boobs do you have? Find out how to pick the best bra for your breast shape on the blog.

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