5 scents that will make you feel good

Inhale, exhale. It’s December, and the winter blues are really starting to kick in for some. If you are looking for temporary relief- look no further than your dressing table. Spritzing some new perfume can brighten your mood, boost productivity and trigger good memories. Here are our top 5 perfumes to evoke feelings of happiness through the dark winter months.

1. Lazy lavender

Long gone is the association between lavender notes and your nana. Commonly used by aromatherapists, one drop of this delicate oil will remind you of your best friend’s bridal spa instead… no masseuse included. Lavender is most known for its calming properties, which is why you’ll also find it in every sleeping spray or remedy going. If you’re worried, anxious or feeling a little unbalanced, lavender will bring you back to your comfort zone.

Our perfume pick: Marc Jacobs Daisy [Twinkle Edition], £54.50

Hints of wild berries & violet leaves with a rustic, woody base.

2. Romantic rose

An impromptu bunch of flowers, Turkish Delight, time on your yoga mat… life’s little luxuries often come up smelling of roses. Whilst other scents work to improve your mental wellbeing, rose helps fight physical exhaustion. If you are feeling slightly vacant, tired, or demotivated due to the cold weather- rose will encourage you to act like yourself again.

Our perfume pick: Vera Wang Embrace [Rosebuds & Vanilla], £24.50

Dreamy damascene rose, mandarin oil and super sweet magnolia heart, blended with vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

3. Preppy peppermint

With Christmas approaching like a train on a track, you don’t need another excuse to get festive. But here’s one anyway. Peppermint, reminiscent of those candy canes you hang on your tree, helps to ease sickness and boost energy levels. Brilliant if you’re braving Christmas shopping on a Saturday or fighting off a winter sickness bug. Bleurgh.

Our perfume pick: Carolina Herrera Virgin Mint, £128.00

Invigorating spearmint leaves, bubbling bergamot with a white musk bottom.

4. Calming cinnamon

The festive season brings all kinds of distractions and anxieties, and sometimes it’s hard to keep your focus. Try spritzing some calming cinnamon when things get crazy, taking some time to breathe in and out, letting go of another year and focusing on what you’ve accomplished and appreciated. We recommend lighting some delicious candles, too!

Our perfume pick: Dior Hypnotic Poison, £47.50

Spicy cinnamon mixed with warming honey & musk, and a fruity middle.

5. Lifting lemon

Sometimes it’s hard to explain why you feel `down`… you just do. This is especially true in the winter months when the cold, dark days leave us with less time to ourselves. This is where lemon comes in. Uplifting citrus scents can help to clear the mind of all the rubbish you don’t need, making room for more positive thoughts and feelings.

Our perfume pick: Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Cypress, £249.00

Zesty lemon doused with decadent cypress, with woody notes.

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