5 ways to alleviate stress & anxiety

How to manage stress and anxiety 

Life is stressful, there are no two ways about it. But often it’s how we respond to the curveballs we are thrown rather than the issues themselves. Here are our 5 top tips on how to alleviate stress from Monday to Sunday (no spontaneous trip to Split required…)

1. Step away from your phone

Find yourself scrolling on social until 9pm every night? Don’t worry, we do it too! But spending a hefty portion of your evening on Instagram, Facebook and your other favourite networks really isn’t good for your mental health (or productivity levels). In fact, drinking in pictures of perfect wardrobes and strangers lounging around in Bali can be pretty draining… especially when your lounging strategy comprises of a Harry Potter pyjama set from Primark. Being stressed can create urges of escapism and wanting to get away, so tap that `switch off` button and focus on how you can de-stress in real life, and real time.

2. Leave your car keys/bus money at home

It’s a well-known fact that exercise is good for your mental and physical health. And the effects are amplified when you throw fresh air into the mix! You may have heard the term `blowing away the cobwebs`- and we’re not talking about Halloween here. Heading out for a walk on your lunch break will give you a chance to mull your to-dos over and really clear your head. When your thoughts are filtered through the noise, you’ll start to think of solutions to your stresses and the realisation that things aren’t that bad will kick in. Try spending this time alone, or with a calming colleague with an ear to lend.

3. Surround yourself with the right people

When you’re angry, upset, frustrated or can’t explain your emotions, it always helps to be around people who understand you and know whether you need to grab a coffee or be left well alone. For example, if your boyfriend isn’t a talker and talking is the answer, then seek the company of a friend or family member who gives stellar advice and knows exactly what to say. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t approach your boyfriend in the future, but perhaps this isn’t the best time to do so. And that’s OK. Stress can amalgamate quicker than you can say `I’ll have a gin, please`, so make sure you know your outlet.

What’s better, spending time with people who make you happy can be good for your health. Laughing and smiling triggers endorphins (the happy hormone!) which when released, works to improve your body’s immunity and temporarily relieves pain and tension. Every day’s a school day.

4. Tidy up your surroundings

Tidy desk, tidy mind! Having your bits & bobs organised is key to setting yourself up for the day. Having those crucial meeting notes to hand or the receipt for those ankle boots will help you massively in the anti-stressor department, and you’ll earn back time you would have lost looking for them. The same applies to your makeup bag, and anywhere else you keep everyday belongings. Not only that, you’ll score brownie points if your boss/boyfriend/mum has less time to wait for you- if part of your day depends on the `stuff` lurking in your desk drawer, spare room or car boot. If your stress isn’t noticeable to others, you’ll automatically feel more independent and `together`.

5. Make use of your lunch break

It’s all too easy to settle for a desk lunch and `forget` to take a lunch break- there isn’t enough time in the day and we’d be naïve to argue otherwise. But really, that free hour in the middle of your day can be used to help organise yourself- freeing up time in your busy week and perhaps entitling you to do whatever you like at the weekend. Try getting some life admin done, such as booking your next dentist appointment or scheduling time for a root touch-up. If there’s no life admin to do, why not drop into a nearby clinic for a lunchtime treatment? You can head back to work or your other life commitments afterwards feeling refreshed and ready to rock the afternoon.

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