One-day meal plan for acne prone skin

Long gone are the days of noughties spot creams, tea tree wash and toothpaste hacks that your mum promised would `dry spots out`. As the years roll on, more and more women are opting to soothe skin ailments through a good, nutrient-rich diet. But with `healthy` products appearing on the market every day, it’s difficult to know what our bodies really need. From nut milks and nanas to kale and kefir- we look beyond the pretty packaging to give you a feel of what the clear skin diet might look like.

Prebiotics for breakfast

Prebiotics are renowned for dealing with a multitude of skin concerns such as redness, dryness, dullness, and acne. You could say they are an essential ingredient to how fresh, well and youthful you look! Prebiotics can also help to stimulate the production of probiotics, which are the little microorganisms living on the surface of the skin. It’s a natural process, so there is no wonder that consuming extra prebiotics through your food can help reduce spots and the knock-on effects of them.  Along with being a good treat for your skin, prebiotics promote good bacteria in the gut and provide a quick boost to your immune system. Win all round, then? Focus on getting your prebiotics in at brekkie, being mindful to avoid too much dairy and caffeine.

Beautiful brekkie shake

You’ll need:

1. 250-300ml Oat milk

2. 1 small banana for blending

3. 1 tsp instant Chicory Root

4. Flaxseeds for topping


You’ll need:

Sleepy soaked zoats

1. 250ml kefir yoghurt

2.  Rolled oats for soaking

3.  Grated carrot, courgette, and apple

4.  Sunflower seeds & banana chips for topping

Antioxidants for lunch

There’s a reason acai bowls make regular appearances on your Instagram feed- and it’s not just because they’re gorgeous to look at! Antioxidants look after your skin by fighting any damaging oxidising agents that might be lurking inside the organisms. In non-scientific terms, antioxidants protect us and our bodies from dirt, sweat, grease and other grimy bits which land on us throughout the day. The good news is that antioxidants are present in lots of different foods- from berries, spinach and pecans to red wine and dark chocolate. It might sound like an excuse to gorge on wine and chocolate, but it all counts! Focus on getting your antioxidants in at lunchtime, being mindful to avoid processed foods and (an excessive amount) of refined sugar.

Calming kale & poachie toast

You’ll need:

1.  Dark green leaves such as spinach and kale

2.  Nutty sourdough bread for toasting

3.  Two eggs for poaching

4.  Artichoke hearts for topping


You’ll need:

Bright berry bowl

1.  Frozen strawberries, raspberries and banana for blending

2.   Blueberries, acai or goji berries for topping

3.   Sprinkle of low sugar granola

4.   Seeds such as flax, chia, and linseed

Omega 3 for dinner

We’ve all heard the benefits of Omega 3 in oily fish. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though, is it? Soybeans, walnuts, seeds and roast dinner favourites such as Brussels Sprouts and spinach also offer a quick and easy dose of Omega 3 to any meal. If you are a fish fan, then mackerel, herring, and salmon are well worth incorporating into your good skin diet. Cod Liver Oil offers all of the benefits of fish in one tablespoon, including that strong inflammation property that we all know and love.

Saucy salmon skillet

You’ll need¹:

1.  Salmon fillet

2.  2 garlic cloves

3.  2 tbsp olive oil

4.  2 tbsp balsamic

5.  Cherry tomatoes

6.  Fresh thyme leaves

7.  Black pepper

Hearty black bean stew

You’ll need²:

1.  Dried black beans

2.  1 large sweet potato

3.   2 tomatoes

4.   1 bell pepper

5.   1 ½ cups unsweetened orange juice

6.   Chopped onion

7.   Chopped garlic

8.   2 tsp olive oil

9.   Salt, pepper, and cayenne to season

Zinc for snacks  

Known for its immune system boosting properties, zinc filled foods can help promote calm skin. Apart from subsiding breakouts of acne, zinc has been found to ease depression and boost sex drive. It’s underrated, to say the least. Focus on getting your zinc intake in through your snacks.

1.   Nutritious nut milk such as almond or cashew

2.   Dark chocolate

3.   Roasted chickpeas

4.   Boiled eggs

Looking for a more permanent way to treat your skin? At Transform, we specialise in several acne treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical skin peels, which work harmoniously with a balanced diet. Get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly team- we’ll book you in for a free consultation at your local clinic.



¹ Recipe crafted by The Kitchn

² Recipe crafted by Foodie With Family

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