4 Non-Surgical Treatments to Get You Glowing This Summer

4 Non-Surgical Treatments to Get You Glowing This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy the good weather, whether you’re abroad or at home. If you’re looking to make a couple of tweaks to your appearance in time for your holidays, then we have a range of non-surgical treatments that could help.

At Transform, we help thousands of men and women get ready for summer with non-surgical treatments, performed by experienced practitioners in our purpose-built facilities. Here is a little information on four of our most popular summer procedures:

Non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical Vaser liposuction is a great way to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat that gym sessions and balanced diets just can’t seem to shift. Thanks to its reduced downtime, you could be lounging around the pool showing off your new figure in just a few weeks.*

This non-surgical treatment is quickly growing in popularity, largely thanks to it being less invasive than traditional liposuction. It requires a shorter recovery period, and is performed under local (rather than general) anaesthetic.

You can also treat several areas during the same procedure and will be left with much smaller scars than conventional liposuction.

Non-surgical liposuction 

Laser hair removal

This summer, why not spend more time making the most of the glorious weather and less time (and money) waxing and shaving? An increasing number of men and women across the UK are doing just that, thanks to the benefits of laser hair removal.

Over an average of six to eight sessions, our laser hair removal procedures can reduce the hair on your arms, legs, back, chest and face. They can also be used to treat smaller areas such as your eyebrows, ears, bikini line and underarms, making this non-surgical treatment perfect for small or big changes alike.

All our practitioners are CTC-registered and use only the highest quality equipment, so you can always be confident about the results you’ll see.

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Mole and cyst removal

If there are moles on your body (you’re not alone – most men have between 10 and 40 of them!), your doctor might advise you to take several precautions during the summer. These can include staying in the shade when the sun is at its strongest, wearing clothes to cover the moles, and regularly using a high-factor sunscreen .

That’s obviously all very sensible advice. But there is another option – and it’s one that can clear away moles and cysts permanently.

In a simple 30-minute non-surgical procedure (using nothing other than local anaesthetic!), our experienced dermatologists can help to remove moles, cysts, skin tags and lesions and restore your skin to its original appearance.

This simple treatment leaves only very small scars and does not need any recovery period away from work.

Mole & Cyst removal 

Underarm sweat reduction treatment (BOTOX®)

There’s one thing that no-one can avoid in the sunshine: sweating. But excessive sweating – or hyperhidrosis, to use the medical term – affects at least 1% of the population.

That’s where Transform’s underarm BOTOX® treatment can help bring peace of mind and comfort. The BOTOX® injections block the chemical at the end of the nerves under your arm, reducing the amount of sweat you produce and limiting embarrassing sweat stains on clothes.

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*Results may vary

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