How to treat excessive sweating

Is there any treatment for excessive sweating?

Sweating is totally normal, we all do it. It is healthy to sweat in order to help regulate your body temperature and cool you down. We often sweat when it’s too hot, when we work out or when we are feeling particularly stressed or anxious. However, some people sweat much more than what is needed to control their body temperature, if you suffer from this type of excessive sweating it could mean that you have hyperhidrosis.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating and can happen to anyone for no obvious reason. Although it’s normal to sweat to cool the body down, some bodies expel when there is no need. Hyperhidrosis can infringe upon daily activities, particularly if the individual is often having to wash, re-apply deodorant and put on fresh clothes. 

How can hyperhidrosis be treated?

When antiperspirants, sweat shields and breathable clothing aren’t enough to control your sweating and it is getting in the way of your life day to day, it may be worth having a consultation with our non-surgical experts and dermatologists to see if Botox could work for you. Botox or Botulinum toxin, although most commonly known as an anti-ageing solution for smoothing out lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles, it is also FDA approved for the reduction of sweating in the underarms.

How does hyperhidrosis treatment work?

The treatment works by blocking the chemical at the end of the nerves so that it cannot work on the sweat glands, essentially turning them ‘off’ to reduce the amount of sweating that you experience. A single treatment will typically take less than an hour, with a series of small injections a few centimetres apart in the underarm area and can give you drier underarms and relief from excessive sweating which lasts for up to 6 months.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Botox injections are currently only offered to treat excessive sweating of the underarms. Some non-surgical providers may offer hyperhidrosis treatment for the hands, feet, parts of the body and the face, however, these are not approved by the FDA and thus are not recommended.

How much does hyperhidrosis treatment cost?

At our clinics, we offer Botox as a solution to severe sweating in the underarms, we can treat both arms for £499. We also offer a course of 2 treatments in a year (to be taken within a year) for £800 which has a saving of £200.

Hyperhidrosis treatment at Transform

We have 22 clinics nationwide, so your local Transform clinic won’t be too far away. Every one of our clinics is purpose-built and are designed to take care of you from the beginning to the end of your journey with us. We offer hyperhidrosis treatments at all our clinics, you can find your nearest clinic here.

Meet our hyperhidrosis team

You can rest assured that if you are receiving an injectable treatment such as a Botox for hyperhidrosis it will only ever be undertaken by a doctor or nurse practitioner. Our experts carry out thousands of non-surgical procedures each year and, as a result, they have built up a high level of experience and skill. 

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At Transform, each year we guide thousands of women treat different areas through their non-surgical journey. Our expert surgeons, nurses, and patient advisors are dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We’re always ready to answer your questions, no matter how big or small.

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Further information about hyperhidrosis

In some cases, hyperhidrosis can be the result of an underlying condition or a side effect of taking prescribed medication. Although our professionals are trained in providing tailored consultations to suit your aesthetical needs, it is always advised to check in with your GP if your hyperhidrosis is accompanied by other symptoms or if you are feeling unwell.

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