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Mamuna from our York Street clinic in Manchester tells us…

‘Getting summer-ready means different things to different people. From seeking the best aesthetic treatments, skincare products or makeup as well as those impulsive last-minute purchase and bikini buys!

Behind the daily skincare routine and the relentless hours spent in the gym to achieve our summer goals, let’s not forget the Instagram filters that airbrush our complexion to capture the perfect selfie – we all want to look our best because looking good can often mean feeling good too.

Skincare concerns affect millions of people, with so many of us spending our hard-earned cash to find the perfect skin-filtered colour correction. But for some, the need is greater due to a medical skin condition that can have an effect on our confidence and therefore, a more lasting corrective is required than those that we find on the high street.’

Medical aesthetics and skincare expert, Senior Aesthetician Mamuna, tells us more about why she recommends Microskin

What is Microskin?

Exclusive to Transform, Microskin is a ground-breaking second skin system, also known as a Camouflage Colour Corrective Treatment for those who wish to conceal conditions like vitiligo, deep scarring, rosacea, eczema, hypo-pigmentation, burns, birthmarks and even your unwanted tattoos.

Whilst Microskin is not a treatment or medication for skin conditions, I think that it can be a fantastic additional option for helping you to achieve a cosmetic improvement by forming an epidermal second skin over the area.

How is Microskin different to makeup?

The thing that is great about Microskin is that it is a breathable, lightweight and highly pigmented product that suits all skin types and conditions for both the face and body.  It’s a durable and waterproof system is customised and tailored to you with 35 variable colour shades.

It also lasts up to 5 days and won’t rub off on clothing or when you bathe or go swimming. There’s a  range of various colours to match your skin tone, so you can be certain of attaining a natural look that can also bring new-found confidence.

How could Microskin help me?

When visiting our clinics for a 45-minute consultation, one of our fully trained aestheticians will be able to provide you with an exact colour match. The results are immediate!

Once the colour has been determined, the aesthetician will demonstrate how to apply the product to your skin and provide you with three months’ worth of products.

After three months, we advise that you revisit the clinic to review your colour match, for example, you may go on holiday and come back with an amazing tan but your Microskin colour won’t necessarily match you anymore. Just as we have a lighter foundation during the summer, and a darker shade in the winter months – the same applies to your Microskin shade!


Blog by Mamuna Arshad, Senior Aesthetician at Manchester York St

Start your Microskin journey with us….

We are proud to be the exclusive brand partner for Microskin in the UK.

Available to purchase from 10 of our clinics with our fully trained, experienced and dedicated skin experts on hand to teach you exactly how to apply the product to your skin so you can do so from the comfort of home.

If you’re looking for a more effective, longer-lasting treatment made from natural ingredients than makeup can offer to conceal your skin concern, book your Microskin consultation today.

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