Microskin treats… your unwanted tattoos

Microskin is a revolutionary, second-skin product available exclusively from us in the UK.

Originally developed in Australia, this completely waterproof system allows the skin to breathe naturally while providing coverage for a multitude of skin concerns including effectively hiding your unwanted tattoos on an ongoing basis or simply for a special occasion with the product. No lasers, no pain required!

How does Microskin hide my tattoos?

Microskin works as a ‘simulated second skin’ rather than makeup or a traditional cream-based product and is applied with an airbrush or sponge for a flawless finish which lasts for around 5 days. Once the product has been applied, you can carry on with your everyday life without anything holding you back and no need to worry about it rubbing off or melting away due to heat or perspiration.

As a totally unique formula, you can still do all your normal activities such as swimming, sports and even going into a sauna or steam room and the product will stay put!

How effective is Microskin at covering up tattoos?

Very effective! It lasts a minimum of 5 days, behaves just like skin and is completely waterproof against the elements. It is also available in 35 different colours so you are sure to find your perfect colour match.

How else can I remove or conceal my unwanted tattoos?

We understand that you might not always want to remove your body art permanently but instead may just not want it on on show for certain occasions. So, some of us choose to cover up our tattoos using high coverage makeup but this can easily rub off, transfer or stain your clothing. Microskin also has the advantage of having no effect on perspiration and allowing the skin to breathe naturally, unlike heavy makeup alternatives.

We are proud to be the exclusive brand partner for Microskin in the UK

From March 2019, Microskin will be available to purchase from 10 of our clinics with our fully trained, experienced and dedicated skin experts on hand to teach you exactly how to apply the product to your skin so you can do so from home.

It is available at the following Transform clinic locations:

  • London Cornhill
  • London Weymouth Street
  • London Riverside
  • Manchester – York Street
  • Manchester –The Pines
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds

Start your Microskin journey with us…

Your journey begins with a 45-minute consultation with one of our skin experts, they will scan your skin using an app to provide you with a colour match. The aestheticians will then show you exactly how to effectively apply the product to your skin and provide you with a 3 months’ supply.

If you’re looking for a more effective, longer-lasting treatment, made from natural ingredients, to conceal your unwanted tattoos, then book your Microskin consultation today.

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