Want silky summer skin? Here’s 6 reasons to start laser hair removal now

When should I get laser hair removal?

It’s 0 degrees outside and threatening snow – the last thing you want to think about is taking your clothes off and revealing your summer body. And although you might be hitting the gym a few times a week to work on said summer body, we’re guessing you haven’t thought as far as hair removal. Unless you’re a shave below the thighs only kinda gal, here’s 6 reasons why you should start thinking about laser hair removal before summer starts.

1. Freshly lasered bodies burn easily

One of the most important reasons for having laser hair removal in winter is to avoid the sun’s ultraviolet rays. After laser hair removal, your skin is much more sensitive and can burn easily. Along with the risk of skin damage, exposing your freshly lasered body to the sun can lead to conditions such as discolouration or hyperpigmentation, where brown spots or patches appear on the skin. As a guide, you should aim to dodge the sun for at least 2-4 weeks before your first laser hair removal treatment. Luckily, the days are shorter in winter, so this should be easy!

2. Sunkissed skin extends the process

In the depths of winter, it’s very rare the sun will be out long enough to give you a golden glow. This is another reason why laser hair removal is most effective when you start having treatments in winter. If your skin is untanned, the lasers will have a better chance of banishing those pesky hairs from your legs, arms, bikini line etc., allowing you to have quicker and easier treatment sessions. If your skin is tanned, on the other hand, your laser setting will need to be adjusted and the sessions will take longer, and the sessions are less effective. Although all complexions are suitable for laser hair removal, it helps if you have contrast between the colour of your hair and skin, for example dark hair and a pale complexion.

3.Your waxing & tanning rituals are minimal

Unless you’re going on a last-minute winter break or you’ve got a big party to attend, we’re guessing you haven’t been hitting the wax strips or Bondi Sands lately. Which is good news for your upcoming treatment! Laser hair removal machines thrive on untanned and fluffy body areas (although, shaving with a razor just before a session is sometimes recommended). This ensures you get the best possible results, reason being your specialist will be able to tell which laser setting to put you on. Not only that, it’s common sense that you shouldn’t wax a few weeks before laser hair removal. The lasers will not have any hair to remove!

4.You’ll have longer to work towards a perfect result

It goes without saying that you’ll want to show your silky-smooth arms, legs, tum, and bikini line off once you’ve seen your optimum results, and not a moment before. Laser hair removal isn’t a speedy process, especially since you’ll need to wait 4-6 weeks between each session. You don’t want summer to be over before your treatment sessions are! Hair can fall out gradually post-treatment and trust us when we say it’s much better to be snuggled up in leggings when this happens, and not in a revealing bikini.

5.You can spread the cost, so you’ll have more money come summer

Summer is expensive; festivals, holidays, drinking, getting your hair & lashes done since they won’t be ruined in the rain. Getting laser hair removal done in the winter months could leave you with more money when summer rolls around, especially if you spread the cost. Some aesthetics providers offer finance options to help make this easy. At Transform, we offer 12 months on finance, interest free, on treatments over £325.

6.You have access to lots of offers

Most aesthetics providers and beauty clinics know that winter is the best time to start doing laser hair removal, so you’ll be able to find a discount easily. At Transform, we offer 40% off laser hair removal when you book 3 or more sessions.

At Transform, we offer laser hair removal at the following clinics:

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