What to expect from a CoolSculpting treatment

Eliminate fat without the need for surgery

Our pursuit to lose body fat often leads us in different directions. In a bid to achieve that elusive beach body, we sign ourselves up to every gym class under the sun and commit to a diet plan that consists of at least 7 shades of green. But try as we may, we tend to feel more like Bridget Jones atop an exercise bike than Jessica Alba strutting her way through a hip-hop dance class.

And whilst regular exercise and a balanced diet is important to anyone looking to tone up and stay in shape, sometimes despite all our efforts we can’t seem to shift those stubborn areas of fat. We all have those areas – the little pouch around the stomach, those pesky love handles or the bingo wings you can’t wave goodbye to. But, if exercise alone isn’t enough and you don’t want to opt for surgery what other options do you have?

Have you considered freezing your fat away? CoolSculpting is a surgery-free fat reducing treatment that uses controlled cooling to target fat cells in the treated area, eliminating them for good. What’s more, because there is no needles used, downtime is minimal, so you can get back to your normal routine straight away. But what does CoolSculpting involve? We break down the process below.

STEP 1- Building your fat reduction plan

The first step is to meet one of our CoolSculpting experts. The aim of your initial meeting is to discuss the treatment in more detail, assess your suitability and for you to ask any questions you might have. It will also give our expert the chance to help you a build a personalised plan so that you can achieve the best results.

1. Assessment and measurement of the selected area
2. Your weight will be recorded
3. Pictures will be taken from 8 different angles (to show your results from every angle)

It is important to track your CoolSculpting journey from the beginning. Your CoolSculpting expert will support you throughout as you work towards achieving your intended goals.

STEP 2 – It’s time to freeze your fat

Treatment commences by marking the area in which the CoolSculpting applicator will be placed to ensure that we target the optimum number of fat cells. The treatment continues as follows:

An adhesive pad will be placed on your skin as a barrier between the CoolSculpting applicator and your skin.

1. The applicator will be placed on the treated area drawing in excess fat like a vacuum.
2. As the cooling begins you will feel a numbing, tingling sensation that will last for 5-10 minutes.
3. The applicator will remain on for 35 minutes during which time the fat will crystallise (freeze).
4. If multiple areas are being treated, expect the procedure to be completed in 2-4 hours in one visit.
5. After the applicator is removed, the targeted areas are massaged to break down the frozen fat.

Following treatment and over the subsequent weeks, the fat cells begin to break down and are processed naturally through the lymphatic system.

STEP 3 – Time to see the results

Your CoolSculpting results can start to show in as little as three weeks and can continue to improve up to 3 months following your treatment. It’s worth noting that lifestyle changes that include drinking plenty of water and exercising can help maintain the effects and get you even better results. The fat which is removed by the body will not return, meaning that fat is permanently reduced in the treated area.

STEP 4 – Your final review

The review is an important step to gauge how well the treatment has worked for you. Remember, everyone’s body will react different to treatment, but on the whole, other patients have reduced their fat in the treated area by 20-25%. During the review we will assess your results against your previous weight, measurements and pre-treatment photographs.

STEP 5 – Improving results

Further sessions can help to improve your results. The dedication to maintain results is yours and therefore you should be all set to carry on the good work that the CoolSculpting procedure has started.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our experts about CoolSculpting book a free consultation today. Only available in our Manchester, Birmingham and Cornhill Clinics.

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Blog by Mamuna Arshad – Non-Surgical Aesthetic Lead York Street Clinic

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