Celebs & cosmetic surgery: It’s a personal choice

Ferne McCann has revealed she would `love` more cosmetic surgery

As always, there’s a lot of speculation over cosmetic surgery and celebrities in the media – who has had what, how much they spent… who looked better before, who looked better after.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, it can be difficult to wade through this very shallow view. The public rarely gets to hear the backstory of these reality stars, so it is difficult for people to understand what these procedures involve and why these individuals chose to have that boob job or opted for those lip fillers.

Celebrities and influencers are now talking more openly about their journeys and experiences, and we couldn’t be more for it.

Remember that deciding whether you want to have surgery isn’t just about how you look – it’s also about how you feel. Giving yourself space to think and reflect about surgery couldn’t be more important.

‘Do it for you’

Ferne McCann has recently shared her thoughts about cosmetic surgery, saying she would `love` to have more following her subtle nose job two years ago. 

And it’s not just the ex-TOWIE star who is talking about her personal experience. Speaking recently to radio station Heart, TOWIE stars Courtney Green, Chloe Meadows and Amber Turner discussed just how important taking the time to think can be when making the decision to have cosmetic surgery.

“It’s something I did for me, I did research for a long time – I didn’t just rush into it,” commented Amber, who has previously undergone a breast enhancement. 

“I think when we speak about surgery on the show we try to emphasise that you should do it for you and not for anyone else.”

Amber’s comments echo the Transform ethos: Do It For You.

Cosmetic surgery can be hugely empowering for many people who choose to have surgery for their own, independent reasons. Making changes to your body is your choice; nobody else’s. And to make sure that you are making the right choice for you, it’s important to do your research.

Research to make the right choice

Choosing a reputable clinic is imperative when it comes to cosmetic surgery. But even celebrities sometimes learn the hard way.

Ex on The Beach star Natalee Harris recently revealed that she opted for a bum lift abroad after seeing social media posts about the procedure at a clinic in Turkey.

After flying out to for the operation, Natalee wasn’t impressed by the standard of care she received, nor the results, and afterwards had to undergo a corrective operation with clinic [back in the UK].

She told the Daily Star: “What I would say to people is make sure you research properly. And don’t just take one person’s word.”

5 things to consider if you’re having cosmetic surgery

1. Do your research

2. Do it for you, and only you

3. Think long and hard about what surgery will involve

4. Understand the seriousness and risks of surgery

5. Remember that results may vary



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