Our response to the ASA

There have been media reports this morning following the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)’s decision against a Transform advert that was aired on TV in August 2017.

The advert featured a former patient, Lou Newton, aged 34, who chose Transform for her breast surgery. In a testimonial after her surgery, Lou told Transform that following the birth of her daughter she had decided to have breast surgery to regain her body shape prior to pregnancy. The testimonial used in the advert is authentic and is therefore fully representative of Lou’s own perspective on her independent and personal decision to have surgery with Transform.

The advert was cleared by Clearcast, the organisation that provides advice to brands before their adverts go live and to ensure that adverts are not “misleading, harmful or offensive”. Clearcast said that the ad was based on Lou’s personal decision to have breast surgery, which was emphasised by her statement, “I did it for me”. Clearcast said that the ad stated that Lou had considered her options before opting for surgery, that the advert did not focus on any negative ‘before’ and ‘after’ images, and did not feature images that prominently focused on her chest. The advert was therefore cleared by Clearcast and broadcast on TV.

However, the ASA said that the advert’s focus on Lou’s personal experiences meant that it would have been directly targeted at women who had recently become mothers. It therefore ruled that Transform would no longer be able to use the advert.

Transform has contested this decision. In our response to the ASA, we said that the advert was based purely on Lou’s own, personal experience and therefore there was no suggestion that her experience would be a solution for all new mothers, nor did it trivialise the decision to undergo surgery. We are therefore disappointed by the ASA’s decision, and have made this clear to the organisation.

Transform believes that patients should think carefully before having cosmetic surgery and do it for their own, independent reasons.

We believe it is right to celebrate our patients’ stories and journeys, which are often life-changing for the better.

We believe that in the right circumstances and if right for the patient, cosmetic surgery can be hugely empowering. This is what our brand value, “Do it for you”, means for us and our patients.

If you have any questions or concerns about today’s announcement from the ASA, please contact us via [email protected] We will be very happy to discuss this further with you.

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