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Age Spots


Liver spots – also known as age spots or solar lentigo – are small, dark patches on the skin that are caused by sun exposure. While not harmful, many people choose to have liver spot treatments to have them removed. 

At Transform, we offer two treatments that can help to get rid of liver spots: IPL treatments and skin peels. If you think you have this condition and would like more information on how you can treat it, read on to see whether one of these options could work for you.

What are Liver Spots and what causes them?

Liver or age spots are flat spots on the skin that can be either brown, grey or black. They’re often confused with freckles due to their appearance; however, age spots tend to be larger than freckles and don’t disappear in winter the way that freckles do.

Age spots are often a result of overexposure to UV rays – from either natural sunlight or artificial light on tanning beds – over a long period of time. This is why they’re commonly associated with older people, and why they’re known as ‘age spots’. When skin is exposed to UV rays, our cells produce melanin, which is what causes us to tan. If the same areas of skin come into contact with UV over a number of years, melanin can build up and liver spots can develop.

While age spots can affect anybody, they are more common in people with fairer skin and hair. As mentioned, they are also more common in people over the age of 40, as well as people who have been heavily exposed to the sun or tanning beds. They typically appear on the areas of skin that are more likely to come into direct contact with the sun’s rays, including the face, shoulders, arms and hands.

If the noticeable signs of ageing and sun damage like liver spots are bothering you, Microskin is a great long-lasting solution to conceal them for a more youthful look. What’s more, as a totally unique formula, you can still do all your normal activities such as swimming, sports and even going into a sauna or steam room and the product will stay put!

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How to treat age spots

As mentioned, liver spots are harmless and so there’s not usually any medical treatment required. However, many people choose to use over-the-counter creams to improve their appearance. These creams typically contain a combination of skin lightening and exfoliating ingredients such as hydroquinone, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

People looking for more effective age spot treatments may be interested in the two non-surgical options we offer at Transform. We offer a range of skin treatments for various conditions and find that both IPL and skin peels are particularly effective in reducing and getting rid of liver spots. So, how do they work?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy uses short bursts of intense light to target skin cells that have too much pigment. The heat from the IPL will cause the melanin to break down, and the damaged skin will be replaced with new, more even skin as it heals. Treating liver spots with IPL is likely to involve several sessions; however, each treatment only takes around 20 minutes and you can leave the clinic straight away. Skin may be slightly red for an hour afterwards, but otherwise there is no downtime from the treatment. IPL treatments can be used anywhere on the body, so can help improve the appearance of liver spots on your face, hands, shoulders or arms.

An alternative treatment for age spots is a course of chemical peels. At Transform, we offer facial peels of varying strengths, from light peels that can be used as part of a normal skincare regime, to deeper peels that are used to treat larger skin complaints. Chemical peels are used to treat liver spots on the face by removing the upper, sun-damaged layer of the skin.

As with IPL treatments, it is likely to take several peels to see the full benefits and reduce the appearance of liver spots. The new skin that replaces the damaged layer will need to be protected from sunlight as it often very sensitive, so using an SPF following your age spot treatment is essential.

Many people experience great results using these two treatments to improve the appearance of their liver spots. Factors such as your lifestyle, the location of the age spots and how dark they are can all help you decide which option is best suited to you, and our experts are on hand to help each step of the way.

Transform are one of the most trusted cosmetic surgery providers in the UK, so whichever treatment you choose, you can be confident that you’ll receive the best possible care. Each year, we receive 15,000 enquiries from people who have been recommended to us by family and friends, and we’re also proud to have ratings of ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ from 95% of our patients.

We’re dedicated to providing you with a completely personalised treatment and experience. From the first meeting with your patient advisor, you will be able to talk about the results you want to achieve. At your consultation, our qualified practitioner will advise you on your options for liver spots, and together you can plan your treatment. After your IPL or skin peel, we also have a 24/7 helpline in case you have any queries or concerns.  

With three dedicated hospitals and 19 clinics around the UK, we’re a great option for people looking for local treatments. Find your nearest clinic today or get in touch to book your free consultation.

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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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