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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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Thread Veins


Thread veins are extremely common, especially in older people. As we age, skin loses its collagen and elasticity and becomes much thinner. This means that as veins expand, they become more visible through the skin and result in what are known as thread veins.

Here at Transform, we offer IPL treatments for thread vein removal, which can help to reduce the appearance of thread veins and sometimes remove them altogether. Read on to find out what causes thread veins and whether IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy could be right for your skin.

What causes thread veins?

Thread veins can appear as blue, red or purple in colour and are much larger and more visible than normal veins. Thread veins on the face and legs are very common, and they usually show as unconnected lines or in a spider web type pattern (which is why they are sometimes known as ‘spider veins’). These veins appear small at first but usually grow over time and are caused by weak and damaged valves in the veins. When a vein is damaged, it cannot circulate blood through the body; in addition to this, they can cause nearby veins to malfunction and stretch, which is why thread veins often get worse over time.

Thread veins on the face are most commonly caused by rosacea, sun exposure and can even be a result of repeated sneezing and coughing. Women are more at risk than men, which is largely due to female hormones and the increased risk of softening the vein walls and valves. Additionally, pregnancy can cause thread veins due to the extra blood volume created when women are pregnant.

Being overweight also increases the risk, and they sometimes develop simply due to the ageing process. While less common, they may also develop as a result of a trauma. Sometimes thread veins can cause aching and discomfort in the legs, which is one reason that so many customers contact us about thread vein removal.

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Thread Vein removal

People suffering from thread veins often try creams, compression stockings, massages, or a combination of these to try and treat the condition. However, customers looking for a more permanent solution to improve the appearance of thread veins could find that IPL is a good option.  

Intense pulsed light therapy – also known as IPL – uses a high intensity light source to treat thread veins. It works by heating and damaging the walls of the blood vessel, which causes them to collapse. As they get re-absorbed into the body, the veins eventually disappear over time.

IPL uses a series of wavelengths in short bursts, which makes it different to usual laser therapies that just use one high intensity wavelength. There are fewer risks and side effects with these short pulses as they reduce the risk of healthy cells being exposed, therefore discomfort and redness will be reduced following the treatment.

As IPL works to reduce the appearance of thread veins over time, their appearance often gets better with each treatment. As an added benefit, IPL also stimulates the production of new collagen, which helps the skin looks more youthful.

IPL is a quick and effective way to remove thread veins, especially on the face. The treatment works best on thread veins that are close to the surface and on paler skin. If you have darker skin, get in touch to discuss whether IPL or an alternative treatment could be best for you.

At Transform, we provide treatment plans designed around our customers’ needs and goals. Our fully qualified practitioners will be available at all times to guide you through the treatment options and to help create a personal treatment plan.

Our consultations are free of charge; they give the opportunity to discuss treatment options and any possible concerns. Once you feel ready to proceed, we’ll schedule a treatment date that suits you. On the day, the practitioner or nurse will be available to answer any last minute questions.

Each thread vein removal session with IPL lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, and results can depend on the original condition of the veins. Usually, several treatments are recommended as IPL treatments give improved results after each application. The side effects are limited, so after your session you should be fine to go about your daily activities as usual.

If you have any further questions about thread vein removal treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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