Facelift Surgery

There are many things that can take a toll on your skin, including ageing and various lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, smoking and weight loss. Facelift surgery can help treat various concerns you may have about your changing facial appearance, from loose skin, lines and wrinkles to lack of muscle tone.

“Really excellent staff and aftercare. I felt looked after and safe the whole time. Love my results too”*

Arabella, 19th June 2017

*Results and benefits vary from patient to patient

A facelift can be used to tighten the facial muscles and skin to restore definition and smooth out deep lines. You can choose to refine the appearance of your lower face, including the jaw and neckline, or lift your jaw and neck areas only. Facelift surgery is not intended to remove fine lines and wrinkles around your lips and eyes. We offer a full range of line and wrinkle smoothing treatments that can help tackle these areas.

A facelift is a major surgery, and one that should be considered carefully. At Transform, we offer free consultations so that you can discuss with our specialists the reasons why you’re considering facelift surgery, the costs and likely results. There’s no obligation to go ahead with the surgery following your consultation, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and start your journey today by calling 0330 053 9915 or using the buttons below.

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What Happens Before, During and After Facelift Surgery?

At Transform, your entire experience is designed around you and your needs. We’ll listen carefully to your aspirations, and you’ll receive all the advice and support you need throughout your facial surgery journey with us. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect.

1. Your first appointment

The first step is to meet your patient advisor. You’ll be able to talk to them about what you’re hoping to achieve from the surgery, the likely costs and finance options, how much time you may need to take off work, and when you’d like to have the surgery. If you feel ready, we’ll then book you in for your free consultation with one of our surgeons.

2. Your surgical consultation

At your free consultation, your surgeon will ask you about the results you want to achieve from the surgical face lift. You can discuss every aspect of the procedure – the areas of the face that can be tightened, and the benefits and risks – with no obligation to go ahead. Our surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have.

If you feel ready to go ahead and book your facelift surgery, they’ll then refer you to a clinic nurse who’ll perform your pre-op assessment.

3. The facelift surgery

The surgery can take up to two hours to complete. You will also require an overnight stay in one of our Transform hospitals. These are purpose built for cosmetic surgery with specially trained medical staff, so you’ll receive expert care at all times.

During the facelift procedure, incisions are made in your hairline, behind your ears and/or under your chin, depending on whether you’re having a lower facelift or full facelift surgery. Your surgeon will then carefully separate your skin from underlying tissues before removing excess fat and tightening the facial muscles and tissues.

4. Recovery

We’ll be here throughout the recovery process after your facial surgery to help you recuperate quickly and safely. Your face will be wrapped in bandages, which you may need for a few days, and you are likely to feel sore with possible swelling and bruising. We’ll provide pain relief and keep you comfortable until you’re ready to go home.

Before you go home, we’ll organise your follow-up appointment and give you advice about recovering at home and what to expect. We’ll also give you the number for our 24/7 patient helpline. If you have any worries, you can speak to a member of our clinical team, day or night.

5. Aftercare

We believe that the highest quality aftercare is just as important as the facelift surgery itself, so we’re here to support you. You’ll have your stitches removed about a week after surgery. If you’ve had dissolvable stitches, these should disappear in about six weeks, but we’ll still see you to check on your progress.

Your surgeon will help you to decide how long you need to book off from work. Your bruises should fade after two weeks, and after this you should begin to see the results of your facelift.

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If you prefer to spread the cost of your surgery, you can pay a deposit of just £500 and choose either 12 monthly interest-free payments or loan repayments over two to five years.

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