You can choose to have your surgery in one of our Transform hospitals which we own outright. Transform Pines and Transform Riverside are purpose built hospitals that only treat cosmetic surgery patients. In Scotland and Northern Ireland we work in partnership with private hospitals that meet our exemplary standards of clinical excellence, cleanliness and patient care.

Transform's dedicated cosmetic surgery hospitals place cleanliness as a top priority. We are proud of our zero incidents of MRSA bacteraemia, MSSA bacteraemia, E coli and 'C' Difficile which are reproted to Public Health England (PHE) which are made on a monthly basis.

We publish all results and findings of internal and external reviews of our clinical services so you can see for yourself how we’re performing. You can find links to the latest reports on each individual hospital or clinic page. Our associate hospitals in Scotland and Northern Ireland meet the stringent clinical and hygiene standards set out by the government for all private hospitals in the UK.

Aftercare is as important as the surgery which is why all Transform cosmetic surgery patients enjoy a comprehensive 3-year aftercare programme. This includes all your pre and post operative care, a 24/7 patient helpline number and, should you experience any clinical complications as a direct result of your cosmetic surgery procedure with Transform during this time period, we will provide any further surgical treatment, nursing and hospital care free of charge. The full Terms & Conditions of our re-admission policy are explained in the Patient Guide you’ll receive before you book your procedure. For breast enlargement, we also offer an extended aftercare for patients seeking additional peace of mind. For more information, please refer to your patient guide or ask your patient care co-ordinator.

The short answer is not necessarily. There is no specialist register for Cosmetic Surgery, so a surgeon on the Plastic Surgery register is not necessarily a good cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgery can include different specialisms, such as reconstructive surgery or treating burns victims. So some surgeons on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery actually have no experience of aesthetic surgery.

They should be registered with the General Medical Council. This proves they are fully qualified to carry out cosmetic surgery. We publish a list of our surgeons and their qualifications. Also, our clinical committee reviews our surgeons’ expertise every three months.

We only use Allergan breast implant products. These have a world-class safety record and come in a range of sizes and projections to suit your needs. Please read our breast enlargement page for more information.

Yes, and we understand your concerns. Your surgeon will talk to you in more detail about the breast implant products to be used in your procedure. Please rest assured that we only use the most stringently tested products available. All patients have access to our 3 years aftercare programme programme as standard. In addition, we also offer an extended aftercare programme for patients who wish for additional peace of mind.

To request details with regards to your breast implants, please call 0161 312 0301. We currently hold  information on all breast implants used by Transform since 2004.

Your surgeon may recommend an uplift to achieve your desired result. This is often the case with breasts that droop and have lost a lot of volume. All women have different circumstances, and your health profile will help you and your surgeon determine which approach will work best for you.

Breast implants should be checked by a surgeon around 10 years after surgery. Whilst breast implant products are not designed to last indefinitely, if you are not experiencing problems you needn’t check or replace them after a set time limit. However, if you have your breast implants at a younger age they’re likely to need replacing at some point. Most surgeons recommend replacement 10 to 20 years after.

Your treatment will take place in one of our 27 clinics. These are inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, the Scottish Health Board, the Welsh Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland (RQIA) to ensure we meet strict national standards of clinical hygiene and care. This means that the quality of your local Transform clinic and treatment you receive is assured.

You may need a combination of treatments to achieve the best result. At Transform we offer a free consultation so that we can understand exactly what you want to get out of a non-surgical treatment.

We would never give you any treatment that we were not sure was safe for your skin. This is why our free consultation with a practitioner is so important so that they can assess the type of chemical peel that is right for you.

At Transform we use medical formulation chemical peels that have more active ingredients. These are superior to salon strength peels.

We ensure that whoever is applying our chemical peels is qualified to do so. Fully trained Transform aestheticians apply our milder peels, qualified nurses or doctors conduct medium strength peels and deep peel treatments are only ever carried out by doctors.

We only use safe FDA approved dermal fillers. These have been specially selected for not only their safety but also their effectiveness.

At Transform your dermal filler injections will be carried out by a fully qualified doctor, dentist or nurse.

We use genuine premium brand product such as Juvederm®, Restylane® or Sculptra.

The correct way to store dermal fillers is in a refrigerator. We always keep our dermal fillers at the correct temperature stated by the manufacturers.

It depends on the dermal filler treatment you have. For example, Juvederm® can last up to a year, Restylane® for several months and Sculptra more than two years.

For one area, Botox® treatment costs £199 and usually lasts for 3-4 months. Treating lines and wrinkles as they re-appear will then maintain the effect.

Performed correctly by one of our Botox® practitioners, Botox® treatment should take no more than 15 minutes.

There is actually only one type of Botox® and we only use genuine FDA approved Botox®. We are supplied direct by Allergan – the trademark owner and only manufacturer of Botox®. Other botulinum toxins are available under other brand names but these do not necessarily have the same high potency. In fact, some products use a weaker concentration meaning the final results may not last as long. One way to always ensure you are receiving genuine Botox® is to check the bottle has a red or purple cap, states Botox® on the label and that the seal is not broken.

During Botox® treatment you should only experience a little discomfort, which is why no anaesthetic is needed. This makes it a relatively short procedure.

We guarantee that only a fully qualified Transform Botox® doctor or nurse will administer your Botox® injections.

Whilst Botox® can be highly effective at smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, other treatments, such as dermal fillers for deeper lines or facial peels, microdermabrasion or skin tightening for overall skin rejuvenation might be more appropriate. This is why your free consultation before any treatment is essential.

Yes. We have produced a video which shows a typical Botox® treatment. This will ensure you know exactly what to expect and there are no unexpected surprises.

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