30 November 2020

Ask the Expert: Anti-wrinkle injections and twenty-somethings

Women are getting anti-wrinkle injections and fillers at a younger age, that’s a fact.

It’s not hard to see why, with medical aesthetics treatments becoming both ever more accessible and affordable with aesthetics clinics opening in almost every high street up and down the country.

Here at Transform, our ethos around injectables hasn’t changed. In our clinics, anti-wrinkle treatments will only ever be administered by a medical professional which to us means, either a GP Doctor or a registered Nurse practitioner, performed in a clinical environment using a premium product, always.

But is there any science behind this phenomenon? We asked the expert, medical aesthetics specialist Deborah McNally based at our Manchester York Street clinic, what her thoughts were on the popularity of the treatment.

1. Why do you think that Botox becoming more popular amongst younger people?

This is because they see it as a preventative measure rather than a cure coupled with the influence of bloggers, more and more younger women are talking about using Botox and other injectables to give them the look they want without the need for filters.  

2.  Is it safe or recommended to start anti-wrinkle treatments under 30?

Yes, it is safe and if it’s done by a reputable practitioner who has the recognised training and is experienced in all prescription medicine in Medical Aesthetics, you also need to use the best quality of products.

3. Does it actually work? Can having Botox earlier actually prevent ageing?

The fundamentals are that you need to always wear a good sunblock daily all year round. Botox does work and gives the appearance of youthful skin but again it is important that we all look after our skin with the appropriate skin care routine in combination with anti-wrinkle injections.

4.  Is there any science behind fillers preventing the ageing process or is this simply a fad or trend?

80% of skin ageing is caused by environmental exposure UVA and UVB rays, therefore, you need to wear a factor 50 every day regardless of the changing season. Good skin is made by following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

We know with fillers there is clinical evidence to show it encourages collagen deposition within the gel so within 6 weeks the gel filler gets its own blood supply and that encourages an anti-ageing effect.

It’s neither a fad or a trend, it’s been around since the late ‘80’s but is becoming more and more popular due to the influence of bloggers and celebrities. It all started in 1993 when collagen was the first dermal filler to come to the market in a major way since then fillers have progressed. Fillers today are a lot safer and the quality and longevity of the filler has also improved.    

5. What other trends have you noticed in the medical aesthetics industry?

Lip fillers are increasingly popular, face contouring, as well as body contouring such as CoolSculpting, are very much on the rise and with the improvements and sophistication in technology we have seen an increase in demand for laser hair reduction 

Deborah McNally is one of the UK’s most experienced injectors and is highly skilled with advanced techniques within the Aesthetics industry. She is an advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner, having trained in California, USA in 1993 with internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon Mr Fred Brandt and Dr Tim Flyn.

National training manager, Deborah was responsible for the training of many of the high-profile Aesthetic practitioners we see in the media today and have appeared in a number of TV shows. You can read more about Deborah’s experience by viewing her medical aesthetics expert profile.

Are you ready to start your medical aesthetics journey?

Our doctors, nurse practitioners and aestheticians make up our team of medical aesthetics experts, together performing thousands of treatments each year. We are proud to only use the highest quality, FDA-approved products, always in a clinical environment.

 At Transform, our medical aesthetics experts use premium brands, so we’re able to provide our clients with the very best, long-lasting results. If you’re thinking about a medical aesthetics treatment, one of our specialists can put together a personalised treatment plan based on your goals and the look you want to achieve.



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