19 January 2022

Beth's gastric bypass story

Beth struggled with her weight from childhood, and as she grew older the negative impact it was having on her began to affect her day-to-day life. “I was bigger than the other kids, and it was something that I was always aware of,” she recalls. “My mum would make us good healthy meals, and although I never overindulged, I just never felt full, no matter the portion size. By the time I was old enough to buy my own food, I preferred high-calorie choices, and the weight piled on from there.


Taking the first step

“As I got older and socialised more, I grew self-conscious about being considered the ‘fat friend’. I started a new job in my early 20s and met a colleague who’d had gastric sleeve surgery. That was a real eye-opener for me. Before that, I didn't know much about weight loss surgery, and this revelation was like a ray of hope!

“A few years later, I decided to look further into surgery options. By then, my weight was having a detrimental impact on my life. Due to my size, finding clothes on the high street was a struggle and having to shop in the plus-size section was expensive, without many options. It was then that I decided to get the ball rolling and start investigating having a gastric bypass procedure.”

When you’re ready, we’re here

Beth began looking into which provider was right for her gastric bypass surgery. Her dad stepped in to help make sure she was making an informed decision that was right for her. “It’s difficult not to choose the first company that comes up on your internet search, or the cheapest or quickest available! I was in danger of doing just that but, thankfully, my dad helped and we went through reviews, facilities and prices together. We both agreed that Transform was the perfect fit, and their Burcot Hall hospital was a huge selling point for me - it felt like I was arranging a nice retreat in the countryside, not a hospital stay!”

What matters to you is everything to us

“The journey from consultation to surgery was very efficient, and I had the opportunity to talk through all my queries at my consultation. On the day of my surgery, I felt nothing but excitement.

“I’m delighted with my results. I’ve achieved everything I wanted, and more! When I discussed my desired outcome with the surgeon, I was excited for the journey ahead but even then, my results surpassed my expectations! I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 10, and I feel fantastic.
The surgery went ahead issue-free, and my only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to personally thank my surgeon, Mr Richardson.”

Helping you shine

Beth now says that she finds it difficult to remember much about her life before the procedure. “It’s brought so many positive changes! It’s hard to explain just how much the surgery has changed my life, because the past feels like a distant memory. I’m so happy now in comparison - I genuinely feel that in the last 5 years, I’ve accomplished more than I did in the 23 years before my surgery.

“Previously, I had no aspirations to achieve, because my confidence was so low. Now I have much more self-worth. I’ve passed my driving test, I have a degree, an amazing career and my own home! Some of my most amazing experiences and memories have been made since I had my surgery. Without my gastric bypass, I don't think that I’d have succeeded or developed personally and professionally into the person I am today.”


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