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Transform Group
Marketing Code of Practice

Transform is committed marketing activity that is socially and culturally responsible.

We have therefore developed a marketing code of practice to ensure that our patients always have access to the right information and materials to help them make an informed decision about their care with Transform.

This marketing code conforms to the guidelines of the Committee of Advertising Practice’s UK Code of Advertising (the CAP Code) and current cosmetic surgery industry guidelines (including the GMC and RCS marketing standards). We are fully compliant with GDPR legislation.

We work alongside our patients and our Governance Committee to regularly review our code of practice to ensure that it is in line with best industry practice and the changing needs of patients.

  1. We provide patients with the information required to help them make an informed decision about their care.

  2. We ensure our marketing materials are authentic and representative of the outcomes of weight loss and cosmetic procedures. We are proud to use genuine Transform / The Hospital Group patients in our own marketing materials.

  3. Our marketing materials do not trivialise the seriousness of cosmetic interventions and the factors that should influence a patient’s decision to undergo surgical or non-surgical procedures.

  4. Our campaigns never contain provocative or sexualised imagery.

  5. We never pursue marketing tactics that intentionally target audiences under-18s.

  6. We ensure that our patient information literature, which sets out clearly and comprehensively the risks of cosmetic surgery, is easily accessible to all readers.

  7. We strictly adhere to the Committee of Advertising Practice’s UK Code of Advertising (the CAP Code); We refer to and adhere to the advertising guidance on the marketing of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic, procedures; we have all the systems in place to ensure we abide by all GDPR requirements. 
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