Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetic Liposuction:

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Do you have stubborn areas of fat that you can’t shift through a balanced diet and exercise? Are you looking for a less invasive way to remove fat from your body than traditional liposuction? Enter non-surgical liposuction!

Medical Aesthetic or non-surgical liposuction is a fat removal procedure that causes less impact to your body’s tissues and allows you to return to work and your daily activities quickly. It is a version of Vaser lipo (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance), a popular treatment that uses ultrasound technology to remove fat.

We also offer surgical Vaser liposuction, however this guide focuses on the non-surgical and non-invasive liposuction option.

By choosing Transform, you can rest assured that you are receiving first-class medical care, whichever of our 19 specialist clinics and three dedicated hospitals you choose for your treatment.

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There is no general anaesthesia involved in Medical Aesthetic Vaser lipo, which means:

  • Minimised risk
  • Minimised downtime
  • No ‘groggy’ feeling, fatigue or sickness
  • ‘Walk in, walk out’ procedure

By using the ultrasound technology of Vaser lipo, our GMC registered expert surgeons are able to break down and remove targeted areas of fat cells that are proving so hard to shift with endless hours in the gym.

Typical Medical Aesthetic liposuction procedures last just one to three hours and are provided on a walk-in, walk-out basis – so there’s no need to pack an overnight bag. While the procedure is relatively quick, it is effective.

Non-surgical liposuction for cellulite and fat reduction is a very popular treatment here at Transform. If you maintain an active lifestyle and balanced diet after your procedure, you can enjoy optimal results.

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Which areas of fat can be treated with Vaser lipo?

Vaser Liposuction can be used to treat most areas of stubborn fat on the body.

This form of non-invasive liposuction for cellulite and fat reduction can target the chin or neck, male chest, abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, knees, upper and lower back, upper arms and the buttocks crease.



Where can I have my non-surgical Vaser lipo treatment?

Non-surgical liposuction is available at the following Transform clinics and hospitals across the UK:

Nottingham Clinic

21 The Triangle
NG2 Business Park

t: 01159341800

The Pines Hospital, Manchester

The Pines Hospital
192 Altrincham Road
M22 4RZ

t: 01614952400

Non-Surgical Liposuction FAQ’s

More Non-Surgical Liposuction FAQ’s

Non-surgical Vaser lipo offers several benefits over other body contouring procedures: – No need for a general anaesthetic – Multiple areas of the body can be treated in the same procedure – A shorter recovery period, so you could be back in work and doing physical activities just days after your procedure – Reduced bleeding, bruising and scarring compared to traditional liposuction – Less impact to your body’s tissues and the skin surrounding your treatment area – Compression garments are only needed for as little as two weeks, instead of six months for traditional liposuction – Lower cost than traditional liposuction

Our specialist practitioners have trained for years and most have decades of experience to call upon. And every year, our surgeons perform tens of thousands of procedures. With more than 95% of our clients rating our service as good or excellent, it’s not hard to see why we receive more than 15,000 enquiries each year. By choosing Transform, you can rest assured that you are receiving first-class medical care, whichever of our 22 specialist clinics and three dedicated hospitals you choose for your treatment.

If you decide to go ahead and choose Transform for your non-surgical lVaser lipo treatment, your care and confidence will be at the heart of every step we take. First, you’ll meet your patient advisor in a no-obligation meeting. This gives you the chance to talk about why you’re looking at non-surgical liposuction options, what it might cost, how long it might take to recover and any potential dates for your procedure. If you’re interested in taking things further, you’ll then have a free consultation with one of our experienced GMC registered surgeons. At this stage, there is still no obligation to go ahead with your procedure. This is your chance to really get an understanding of all the details, benefits and risk involved with non-surgical Vaser lipo. If, after seeing one of Transform’s surgeons, you decide to go ahead with your treatment, the next person you’ll see is one of our clinic nurses. They’ll perform some pre-op tests and procedures. On the day of your treatment, you’ll get the chance to ask any last-minute questions when you go through your consent form with your surgeon. Once the non-surgical liposuction is completed, you’ll normally be able to go home on the same day. You’ll be given all the details you need to know about wearing compression garments and going back to work, so that you leave our clinic or hospital full of confidence about your upcoming recovery period. As the days, weeks and months pass by, you can always contact our 24/7 helpline if you have any questions or concerns. You’ll get access to our three-year aftercare programme as standard, and will also have a follow-up appointment so that our specialists can check that your healing is going according to plan.

Recovery periods for non-surgical Vaser lipo are much shorter than for traditional liposuction procedures. Generally, you’ll be able to go home on the day of your treatment. You should be able to return to work in just a few days. Your surgeon will provide specific information about your personal recovery plan, including advice on how long you should wear a compression garment.

At Transform, our Vaser Lipo prices start from only £1,995*; however, each individual’s procedure is different and will be tailored specifically around your needs. Because of this, we place a great deal of importance on our free face-to-face, no-obligation consultations. Following our consultation process, your patient advisor will provide a detailed pricing overview and you can find out about our financing options. Please view our pricing and finance page to read more about our flexible credit options, available via our partnership with a specialist financial provider.

If you are considering fat reduction and body contouring, we also offer a number of other less invasive treatments including CoolSculpting and SculpSure.

CoolSculpting, or fat freezing, involves cooling targeted fat cells to -11 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, the fat cells die and over the coming weeks are naturally processed by your body. Based on Cryolipolysis® technology, it is an FDA-cleared solution that involves no surgery, anaesthesia, needles or downtime.

Whereas SculpSure uses a laser to heat the targeted fat tissue to between 42-47 degrees C, damaging the structural integrity of the chosen cells. At the same time, Contact Cooling technology keeps you comfortable, and most patients feel a warm or tingling sensation during the treatment. Over the next three months, your body naturally removes the damaged fat cells destroying up to 24% of the treated fat.

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