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Your first appointment

Your appointment with a Patient Care Co-ordinator at one of our Transform Clinics is a chance to find out about every stage of the procedure including approximate costs. Please use this time to ask any questions at all – we’ll always give you open and honest answers to help you make your decision.

Your Patient Care Co-ordinator will also explain what sets Transform Hospitals apart – they are wholly owned by Transform and are designed and equipped to treat only Transform cosmetic surgery patients. That means our hospital staff are all experts in cosmetic surgery patient care.

Make the most of your free consultations

You can then go on to a separate, confidential meeting with your surgeon. This is a chance to discuss the procedure in greater detail and the results you can realistically expect.

Before your procedure - things to do

To make sure everything runs smoothly in the lead up to your operation, please ensure that you’ve:

  • Booked your pre-operative screening appointment at the Transform Clinic. This is just to make sure you’re fit and healthy for your operation.
  • Arranged to pay your fees by the required date.
  • Booked time off work for your operation, recovery and follow-up appointments.
  • Read the post-operative tips on our aftercare page.
  • Read your Admission Sheet thoroughly, including the important pre-operative instructions. You must:
    • Let us know if you feel unwell with a cold or infection before your operation
    • Remove any nail varnish and any body piercings before you come to hospital
    • Not eat for 6 hours and not drink for 2 hours before your admission time

If you have any questions or need more advice, don’t hesitate to call your Transform hospital or your Patient Care Co-ordinator.

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