Male dermal fillers

Is dermal filler treatment right for you?

Do deep lines, wrinkles or the loss of volume in your face affect not only the way you look, but also how you feel? If so, dermal filler treatment could be the answer.

As our skin ages, it loses the collagen that helps shape and support it. Natural lines and wrinkles deepen. Sun exposure, smoking, air pollution and even stress can all age your appearance. The face can also begin to lose volume giving sunken cheeks and a ‘dragged down’ appearance.

Dermal fillers for men at a glance


Our range of premium dermal filler treatments – including Juvederm®, Restylane® and Sculptra® – are designed to provide you with smoother, natural and youthful looking skin*.

A personal treatment plan created in consultation with your practitioner might include a combination of dermal filler techniques. Alternative treatments like line and wrinkle smoothing, skin tightening or facial peels might actually be more suitable and effective. Book an appointment to discover how we can achieve the look you desire.

Where dermal fillers are used

Whilst treatments like Botox® are generally for finer lines and wrinkles in the upper area of the face, dermal fillers are often used around the nose, mouth and cheeks. Dermal fillers are also more suited to treat deeper lines from the nose to mouth and mouth to chin, and can be used to add volume to cheeks and lips. 

Dermal fillers can plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the collagen lost due to natural ageing or skin damage*. Premium dermal fillers Juvederm®, Restylane® or Sculptra® are injected in small controlled doses just under the surface of skin of the area to be treated. Depending on the type of dermal filler used, results can last from 6 to 24 months.

What does dermal filler treatment involve?

At Transform, dermal filler treatments are only carried out by fully qualified doctors and nurses in our modern and well-equipped clinics. Depending on the area treated, it usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Your practitioner will talk you through the premium dermal filler products we use and which one, or combination, will achieve the best results for you as part of your personalised treatment plan.

After cleansing the area to be treated, a numbing cream can be applied. Afterwards, there might be a small amount of swelling which will quickly subside.


Dermal fillers are designed to achieve a fuller, more supple, plumped-up appearance in the areas treated*. Your practitioner will let you know how long these results will last and when you’ll need further treatment to maintain the effects.

*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.

3 for 2 on Dermal Fillers

Plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the collagen lost due to natural skin ageing and skin damage. Our latest offer gives you a mix and match offer of 3 syringes of Voluma or Juvederm for the price of 2!

Offer valid from 1st May to 31st July 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

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A personal treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs is free of charge. Dermal filler treatments start from £245. Book a free appointment with your Patient Care Co-ordinator to discover what results you can expect to achieve.

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