Liposuction Surgery

Male liposuction surgery

If you’ve been battling to lose weight by exercising and dieting but you still have localised areas of fat that are proving difficult to shift, don’t be disillusioned. Liposuction surgery is designed to remove these pockets of fat to help shape your body.

Our long lasting solution

Liposuction surgery – also known as liposculpture – does not remove excess fat from the entire body. It is used to get rid of fat in areas where it is proving difficult to shift. Once removed, these fat cells won’t be replaced by the body so the results can be long lasting*.

Lipsuction surgery can be used to target areas including your outer and inner thighs, knees, hips, stomach, buttocks, chin, waist and back. This surgery is designed to achieve a smoother, leaner and more sculpted shape.

There are different types of fat removal techniques available, a consultation with one of our Patient Care Co-ordinators will enable us to discuss the available techniques. If you wish to proceed, we’ll then arrange a free consultation with one of our liposuction surgeons. They’ll explain the type of surgery you’ll need and what results you can expect. See our step-by-step guide that details each stage of the process from pre-op to aftercare.

*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.

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The techniques we use

We offer three different fat removal procedures and all surgery is carried out by an experienced and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon. All surgical lipoplasty procedures are performed at one of our Transform hospitals and you may be required to stay overnight after surgery.

1. Liposuction surgery

This involves inserting a narrow tube through a small incision into the affected area. A saline solution breaks up the fat cells that are then removed via the tube.

2. Laser Lipo

Laser lipo is less invasive than liposuction and has a quicker recovery time. It works by melting fat cells with a laser, which reduces the amount of suction needed.

3. CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting, also known as ‘freeze lipo’ or ‘lipo freezing’, is designed to freeze away stubborn fat. It doesn't involve any needles, surgery or a general anaesthetic and is classed as a non-surgical procedure with no downtime.

Side effects, risks and complications

Whilst all surgical liposuction surgery is performed by our experienced surgeons under anaesthetic, any surgical procedure carries the rare risk of complications. We’ll explain these clearly before you book your liposuction surgery, and you’ll find full details in our liposuction surgery patient guide.

After surgery

After surgery, you’ll need to take 2 to 7 days off work, depending on the amount of treatment you’ve had. You’ll experience pain and discomfort for a few days after liposuction surgery. You may have an aching sensation for a week or two and there will be considerable swelling and bruising too. It will take 4 weeks or more for the swelling to subside. It could be six months or more before the final result is achieved.

We’ll give you clear, practical advice on how to look after yourself and a 24/7 patient helpline number to call if you’ve any worries. We’ll also ask you to make several review appointments to monitor your recovery. This is just part of our 3-year full aftercare programme.

How much does it cost?

Liposuction surgery for a single area costs from £2,670, this will vary depending on technique and area being treated. The price will be confimed by your Patient Care Co-ordinator.

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If you've already made an appointment with one of our Patient Care Co-ordinators but want more information, we can help. Click here for advice on how to get the most out of your free consultation with a surgeon.

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  • Ian Solano, 33

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