By Patricia Dunion, Chief Operating Officer

Pat D_2


 The news that Lord Sugar's newest business partner is set to be a woman comes as no surprise.  In fact, should Leah Totton win The Apprentice she will be following a well trodden path of other females who have carved a name for themselves in the market of non-surgical treatments.  

While the media laments the glass ceiling for females in many industries and bemoans the lowly representation of females amongst CEO's of FTSE companies, cosmetic non-surgical treatments is one healthcare service where females are thriving.  In fact, with 90% of Transform employees being female, it's fair to say ladies rule the roost.

For a woman to succeed in the sector (particularly when male surgeons and doctors have been pre-eminent) self confidence, empathy, determination, business acumen and drive are essential. All traits and characteristics Leah seems to have a wealth of.

However, should she win Lord Sugar's investment, Leah must quickly learn that even with these strengths, good looks and charm will only get you so far.

Earning the trust of you patients is key.  As non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and laser hair removal become more commonplace, the need to distinguish your clinic from others is paramount.  At Transform, putting the patient and the patients' clinical care at the heart of all that we do is how we achieve this.

Our patient charter (The Clear Charter) brings an air of transparency to a sector where much is sadly still shrouded in mystery. Lord Sugar himself champions greater regulation and improved clinical standards. This is laudible of course, but companies such as Transform are already well ahead of the slow-moving regulatory train. Patient satisfaction rates (good or bad), the result of government inspections (pass or fail), even patient complaint levels are all available on .

As Transform only use FDA approved dermal fillers (of which there are a handful), rather than the 100+ others on the market, genuine Botox (instead of other toxins), and the highest quality laser machines, Transform patient care and safety is never compromised for commercial gain.

If any more evidence of this was needed, the testimony of the patients who volunteered to feature in our latest advertising campaign speak volumes. You can read them on

Also, so that our menfolk don't feel neglected, you can even read some stories about them! And why not, they now represent around 15% of our patients!

So my parting advice to Leah is be strong, be focussed, don't be afraid to listen to others, but for your patients, the key is: earn their trust.