By Steven Taylor, Marketing Director
 Steven Apprentice
So, Dr Leah Totton is Lord Sugar's new business partner. Congratulations! At Transform Towers we're looking forward to seeing how their joint venture develops.
Is there an contradiction between Dr Leah's principled approach to non-surgical treatments and Lord Sugar's thirst for profit? Will Dr Leah's insistence at limiting her clinic's offering to just a few treatments be too narrow in its patient appeal? How will they both cope with the political manouverings and deftness of personality required to influence a mostly prickly medical establishment?
Time will tell with each, but the latter in particular will be essential if (as proclaimed), they want to be in the vanguard when it comes to "cleaning up the sector". Transform has been campaigning to raise clinical standards in non-surgical for some time. But influencing government departments to legislate on regulation is a long and winding road. Our clinics are already fitted out to a level that far exceeds the minimum standard. In fact, a typical new clinic fit-out cost for us is around £400K. Clearly, it raises the question on how far even a £250K investment will go - and what compromises there will be along the way.
That aside, there was feverish commentary in last night's show as to whether Leah had made a blooper in her choice of brand name. It was certainly surreal seeing Transform's own Riverside Hospital being "re-branded" with Dr Leah's logo in last night's series finale!
Central to the drama was an about-face mid-show with the revelation dawning on Dr Leah that "NIKS" might just actually have a few teensy negative connotations. With admirable fleetness of mind, the name was swiftly changed - but to the equally baffling "N - I - K - S".
"N - I - K - S". An acronym for a brand name? Nothing wrong with that you might think. There are plenty that are well known brands. Remember ICI? A giant of British commerce, but few people knew they were really "Imperial Chemical Industries". Qantas - another great example. How many people realise it's short for "Queensland & Northern Territory Air Services"?
However, it takes years for an acronym to reach that point where it's accepted devoid of explanation. 
N- I-K-S isn't / would never have been right. An accronym. But an acronym for what?? If you've got to explain it, you've already lost your audience. They'll be too busy deconstructing that to focussing on what really matters - your company's values and proposition.
This is the point made to Lord Sugar when he asked my opinion in last night's show. In some small way, perhaps we influenced him to change his mind! Looks like "Dr Leah" will be the name of their new venture and not N-I-K-S.  As a friend tweeted me last night, I hope Transform hasn't helped create our own nemesis!
Footnote : On the other hand Luiza's brand name was excellent in every regard; "Baker's Toolkit" - a sure fire winner!