Victoria has certainly been through a fair few image and body changes over the past 15 years, and a lot of these changes were made to her breasts. In the early days of her pop career, Victoria sported a very natural looking chest. Once early 2000 hit, Victoria started showing the first signs of having had breast implants. In 2006, we saw Victoria’s chest soar in size. Dr Netri from Transform Cosmetic Surgery says of the implants, “Her breasts are far too big for her naturally small frame. We do see many patients, who after having an initial breast augmentation want to go bigger, it looks as if Victoria falls into this grouping at this stage.”

Victoria continued with the larger implants until around 2008 where it seems that she may have had a re-augmentation procedure to have more modest implants inserted. From 2010 onwards, Victoria has sported a much more natural look than ever before with a breast size that is in perfect proportion with her body.



Victoria sported a modest chest at the start of her career

Victoria with her larger implants



Victoria at the height of her larger implants

Now Victoria has changed her style and opts for a more modest chest size that suits her frame perfectly

Leading New York plastic surgeon Dr Thomas Loeb said that most women would prefer to have a C cup breast but in reality, patients just want a reasonable size to fit their shape which is what Victoria Beckham has achieved with her look.

For many years now there has been a debate as to what the ‘perfect’ size is when it comes to breasts, but we finally think we’ve found an answer. According to a UK survey of both men and women, we have all agreed that the ‘perfect’ size is a C – which also fits in with Dr Loeb’s findings in New York.

It’s easy to see why a C cup may be the most popular size; American sweetheart Selena Gomez is apparently a C, along with ‘Queen B’ Beyonce and even Halle Berry. It would seem that our American idols are picking up on the subtle shift in Hollywood that more modest chests are definitely in fashion. Representing the C cup here in the UK is the gorgeous Lucky Mecklenburgh from hit TV Show, The Only Way Is Essex, and the beautiful Samia Ghadie who had her breast surgery here at Transform Cosmetic Surgery earlier on this year.

SelenaGomez Beyonce
Selena Gomez Beyonce 
HalleBerry LucyMecklenburgh
Halle Berry Lucy Mecklenburgh
Samia Ghadie  

 Take a look at our infographic for more breast-related facts from here in the UK! 

Boob Infographic

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