To kick start the New Year, we have a guest blogger on-board who will be sharing with us his experience of having his back lasered, with the hope of being hair-free and super smooth by Spring for ever more.

Adam is 33 years old, works in Marketing and based in Manchester. Fed up with his furry back, Adam is determined to deal with the problem once and for all.

How the journey begins

No one wants a hairy back... I dare say on a Spartan battlefield or on the continent it's seen as a sign of stature and fertility but for me, it evokes a shudder... when some brazen chap coasts past in the pool at the gym with a full back of hair... it's just not pretty.

With that in mind, I think I've been 'dealing with' the hair on my back one way or another for around 15 years now. In the past I've let my girlfriend attempt waxing with disastrous results, I've used Immac but for the most part stuck with shaving and despite it helping me maintain a surprising level of flexibility (you’d be amazed how good a job I can do myself!) it’s a serious pain! So after all these years, I decided I've had enough and started to look for a more permanent, less time consuming option!

First port of call, professional waxing. Now I'm not sure how my pain threshold stands up vs the average guy but other than gallstones...I'm not sure I've felt pain quite like it! Never again, it just wasn't worth it. Aside of the pain, it also left me with a delightful rash and highly sensitive skin for a good 2 weeks which defeated the object as I had to swerve the pool at the gym anyway! Granted the hair grew back much thinner and slower but there's just no way I want to go through that every 4 weeks...

It was time to find a reputable company and having used them in the past for the same thing, a family member recommended laser hair removal with Transform, so I gave them a call.

My initial concerns were whether I was in safe hands, the cost and being completely honest, how painful it was going to be! I'd been warned it can be pretty rough dependent on your hair type.

After calling Transform, I immediately had a good feeling about them. They first wanted to book me in for a patch test to check my skins reaction to the laser and  the person on the phone was really knowledgeable and explained that I couldn't have tanned skin at all before the treatment. Having been for some late winter sun I needed to wait for the tan to fade so booked in an appointment for a few weeks later.

Arriving for the patch test I was very quickly put at ease, the Transform clinic was really slick and professional. I had an initial consultation with a patient co-ordinator who ran through my basic details and introduced me to my practitioner. She sat me down and ran through a detailed medical history and completed an in depth assessment to determine my skin type and inform the best course of treatment/settings for the machine.

Following the medical assessment, I was asked to remove my shirt and a small patch just below my neckline was shaved for the test. After applying a cold gel (straight from the fridge!) they handed me some protective glasses and we were ready to go. Having been described to me as similar to having a tattoo, I'd taken a couple of pain killers to soften the blow. Granted it was only on a very small area, but I was pleasantly relieved to discover that it really wasn't painful at all. If anything, the cold gel from the fridge was more of a shock! Very quickly the practitioner was able to tell it was having the desired effect (you can actually hear tiny clicks as the hair follicles are zapped!). Seconds later I was done and free to get dressed.

Before leaving I was advised to avoid hot showers/baths or any physical activity which might irritate the skin for at least 48hrs. I was given a leaflet which gave clear advice on the possible symptoms I might experience and how to look after the skin after treatment.

Before leaving, I was returned to my co-ordinator to book in my return visit and all being well with the patch test, ready to return for my first treatment in a few days time! I felt a mild heat coming from the area on the car journey home but within half an hour that had gone. The next morning I had a cool shower and to my surprise felt nothing at all from the area, so as far as I'm concerned, all systems go for next week!

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