It’s 4 months since I started my treatment at Transform, I had my 3rd session at the weekend and I’ve got to say, it’s become a breeze.

As the hair reduces, there’s less there to zap each time meaning much less discomfort. I’d go so far as to say the shock of the cold gel that’s applied is often worse than the laser hair removal in some areas!

I’m less than half way through my course of treatment now and already seeing some really encouraging results

You need to shave before each treatment and it’s that process that’s highlighted the change. The first thing I’ve noticed is the length of time the hair takes to grow back. Usually shaving every 10 days or so, it’s really slowed and takes much longer before it needs shaving. What’s more, when it does grow back, the hairs seem to be weakened and really brittle, in some cases actually falling out with the slightest brush or tug.

The major and most pleasing observation though is the overall amount of hair. After just 3 treatments I’m really noticing a general thinning and reduction with the re-growth being reassuringly patchy. I’ve got a way to go but the difference is undoubtedly visible.

My next session is early May and we’ll soon be entering the summer months and holiday season which may come with some challenges. As I mentioned earlier you can’t treat tanned skin and also can’t expose newly treated skin to the sun either, so no treatments in the run up or after a holiday if you plan on sun bathing!

If you do have exposure to the sun, you need an 6-12 week period (dependent on your skin type) for the tan to fade before your next treatment. There’s nothing in the diary yet but summer holidays are on the horizon so I’m going to need to plan my future visits carefully to make sure I don’t create any significant delays to my treatment.

I’m by no means a sunbather but I do love spending time in the sea and often spend hours on end snorkelling with my back exposed to the sun… looks like I may need to be one of those people that wears a t-shirt in the water, either that or some seriously thick sun block! I’ll let you know how that one nets out!

As I say, the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting, I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact of the last session and more so how things pan out over the next few months!

Let you know how it goes!

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