X Factor exposed – before and after cosmetic surgery!

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The latest X Factor season premiered on Saturday night, and what an amazing opening show it was! Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Mel B all looked fantastic as they took to the judge's table, with 9.5 Million viewers tuning into watch the most successful X Factor Premier in years.

And just how do the Judges look so good? With all of them undergoing subtle and sometimes bold changes over the years, there is no denying they have all had a little helping hand along the way. Do you remember how they all looked when they first hit our screens?? See our sliding images below for the full before and after cosmetic transformation. We've spoken to Anne-Marie Gillett, Non-Surgical Director here at Transform Cosmetic Surgery and all round beauty expert, to get an insight into what she thinks they may or may not have had.

Here is Anne-Marie’s expert opinion on how Chezza, Mel, Simon and Louis have maintained their stardom beauty and managed to look better than ever! There’s no denying that they’ve all changed a lot over the years with the help of surgical and non-surgical procedures – dermal fillers are a common feature for all.

On Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – Dermal Fillers and Cosmetic Dentistry

“Undeniably, Cheryl looks amazing and has undergone a major transformation over the years. Her forehead is line free, and her eyebrows are slightly more arched in the recent picture, both indicting that she is probably having injectable treatments. Regular use of Botox and a tidying up of the hair gives the appearance of this higher hairline.

I’d say she’s probably had some subtle dermal fillers injected into the cheek area, providing a volumised and defined effect. This is usually best suited for women in their late 30s who want to achieve a more youthful look – however in Cheryl’s case, the minimal amount of product used has had a great effect and she looks fab as a result.

What strikes me most is Cheryl’s teeth – it seems that she has had veneers and as such, her teeth are far more aligned and brighter now thanks to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening than in the older pictures. They have most certainly been her best investment and have significantly altered her overall look.

Cheryl has always had great skin and I’d expect a real commitment to her beauty lifestyle and regime. This is likely to be a combination of regular but subtle injectable treatments together with facial peels and a dedicated skin care regime. Fantastic care and minimal use of injectables has resulted in this polished and refined look. Cheryl looks her age and fantastic for it.”

On Louis Walsh 2004 Vs. 2014– A hair Transplant and Cosmetic Dentistry

“Looking at these images, it appears that Louis has had a hair transplant, as he is no longer showing signs of male hairloss, with his hairline having been restored.

The more recent picture also seems to show signs of him having had a blepharoplasty, known as an eyelift, or eyebag surgery, which is a surgical procedure to remove and tighten the loose skin from the eye area. Common with men of his age, it results in a more youthful and fresher appearance. I would expect him to indulge in regular non-surgical treatments such as Botox, as his forehead is looking super smooth and line free.

This, combined with a good skin care regime and regular skin treatments such as facial peels and laser rejuvenation, provides a younger appearance. Louis’ teeth are now much straighter and more aligned as a result of cosmetic dentistry, which has made a massive difference to his smile and overall look; he looks great for his age and the treatments seem to have really worked for him. His overall look is more polished and brighter, which translates well on camera, giving him a much fresher appearance!"

Mel B – Skin Peels, Dermal Fillers and a Subtle Rhinoplasty

“It appears that Mel has gone through quite a transformation over the years. Looking at the most recent picture, her skin appears very taught, tight and mannequin-like. These are all classic tell tale signs of recent and long term use of injectable treatments.

Comparing the pictures, it looks as if though she has lip filler in her top lip and in her nasal labia (line between her nose and lip). Together with what appears to be a subtle rhinoplasty, the result of which has thinned out the bridge of her nose. It also appears that she’s had some dermal filler product injected into cheeks, as they are looking slightly bumpy which shows that the treatment hasn’t settled down yet. This should subside in the coming days/weeks.

She is likely to have undergone a course of skin peels or skin-tightening treatments and will most likely have regular facial peels. Although Mel B does look good for her age, she is in danger of starting to look overdone. At Transform, we would always recommend that less is more. Once you’ve reached the stage where you’ve achieved the appearance you want, you should leave more time between treatments and minimise the amount of product you are having.“

On Simon Cowell - Dermal Fillers and a great skincare regime!

“Simon Cowell looks great for his age and what a head of hair he has! Looking at these pictures, it seems that he’s also been indulging in some non-surgical treatments of late.

His skin is line free, shiny and taut – all tell tale signs of regular Botox and dermal filler use. It’s uncommon for a man of his age to have such a smooth appearance and you’d expect more wrinkles across the forehead and around the eyes. I would say he’s had too much product injected into the forehead area, as it looks very heavy in recent images.

His cheeks are looking fuller, suggesting he’s had some dermal fillers injected. I’d also say that he’s had some cosmetic fillers in his nasal labial, commonly known as smile lines. The dermal fillers restore volume to certain areas of the face and create a more youthful appearance.

I would expect Simon to work with some of the best practitioners available to combine a range of non-surgical treatments into his skincare regime. You can see that his skin is brighter in the recent pictures, which has been helped by regular facial peels, laser rejuvenation and microdermabrasion.

Simon works in a very image based industry - non-surgical treatments are standard for anyone who works in TV and has regular pictures taken. You’d expect anyone with this type of work to have a good skincare regime and although it’s worked for Simon, we would always advise people not to overdo it – in particular when it’s injectables.

You should always seek the advice of a qualified aesthetician or doctor, so that you can achieve a natural look without looking overdone or unnatural.”

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