As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we thought we'd reminisce and take a look back at the changing styles of brows.

Eyebrows play an integral role in human emotions, facial recognition, communication and overall appearance. They've also been a defining feature of different eras of style and glamour - from super skinny to the bold. Brows frame the face, and the shape of them can completely alter a person's appearance.

Here at Transform, we undertaken eyebrow transplants and our figures show that enquiries for this procedure are set to increase by 25% by 2020!

Our Infographic illustrates the changing face of the brow; from Dolly Parton in the 70s, to Carla Delevigne in 00s and beyond. It also examines what your brow says about you and offers up some interesting facts about why humans have eyebrows in the first place.

So, read on, learn, and feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter and any other platform you'd like!

Eyebrow _Infographic _Final _Purple _FINAL