This is a very common situation that many of our patients find themselves in. We see a lot of patients who want a treatment to help them feel better about themselves but aren’t quite ready for injectibles or going down the surgical facelift route.

There are a number of ‘lifting’ treatments on the market today and we offer a few here at Transform. One of our most effective treatments in this category is called CACI.

What is CACI?

CACI is a well known non surgical treatment which lifts and tones facial muscles to redefine contours.

Its clinical research speaks for itself, initially used in the medical field to treat stroke patients and Bell’s Palsy sufferers, it’s now widely used in the aesthetic industry.

How it works?

CACI uses micro currents to stimulate and encourage the facial muscles to contract. This re-educates the muscle and brings back its strength and natural lift. 

It works for both structures – skin and muscle, giving patients a lift and rejuvenation benefit at the same time.

CACI also increases collagen production, skin elasticity and cellular absorption. This will allow the active ingredients of your daily skincare products to absorb better and in turn, be more effective.

The procedure is pain free. Most patients feel a little tingling sensation and some report having a metallic taste in their mouth during the treatment (due to the micro current flowing through the skin).

CACI is a versatile treatment and is suitable for most skin types and ages. However, for younger patients, the treatment will have a more preventative effect as their skin and facial muscles should already be in good condition.

One treatment or more?

CACI can be undertaken as one off procedure, but the best results are seen by patients who take advantage of a full course of treatments.

We recommend a course of 10 - 15 sessions depending on skin condition and patient expectations. Treatments need to be undertaken twice a week for 5 weeks. It is a commitment but judging from patient feedback, it’s worth it.

Once the treatment course is complete, we recommend having a maintenance treatment every 4 – 6 weeks. If you follow this protocol, you’ll never have to repeat a full course of treatments. 

Great for toning up wobbly bits too!

CACI micro currents are great for shaping and contouring areas on the body. 

The machine comes with special body pads to target problematic areas such as the buttocks, breasts, arms, back and the abdomen.

A 20 minutes session is an equivalent of 300 perfect sit ups and patients have reported seeing visible improvements immediately after a treatment.

For those struggling with cellulite, the micro currents from the CACI machine has the ability to stimulate the lymph flow. This helps remove toxins from the body resulting in less cellulite formation.

CACI and the New Cavendish Clinic

At the moment, CACI is only available at our central London clinic.

We’ve seen some great results at the clinic, both on the face and body and it’s a treatment that patients highly recommend.

To find out more and to arrange an initial consultation, call 0800 655 6400.