Contouring - it’s the new ‘make-up must’. Most of you will probably have opened up Facebook or Instagram, and seen pictures of friends who have embarked upon the contour journey.

Some of you may have bought a kit or perhaps some of you, have treated yourselves to the ‘royal contour’ experience and had your make-up done professionally.

If you are ‘anti-contour’, it means you would be taking a stand with the well known make-up guru Bobbi Brown. Bobbi believes that contouring is ‘so wrong because it tells women there's something wrong with their face.'

Or you may be ‘team-contour’, just like the famous Kardashian sisters. Whenever they are spotted, their faces are contoured to perfection and they are more than happy to share pictures of the process via their various social media platforms. Undoubtedly, the Kardashians have played a major role in bringing contouring to the attention of the masses.

Why Contour?

Contouring is carried out to achieve the following:

  • More pronounced cheekbones
  • To make the nose look thinner and ‘more feminine’
  • To emphasise the eye and lip areas

There is no arguing that contouring can achieve all of the above, however in order to achieve this kind of look, thick make up products need to be applied and it can take some time. Some make-up artists use heavy powders with a thick coverage whilst others use concealor sticks in two contrasting shades.

Downsides to Contouring


Here at Transform, we advise against wearing heavy, thick make-up every day. Heavy make-up can make the skin look worse and not only that, it will require strong products to help remove it. This can be very damaging for the skin, as these products contain alcohol, which dries the skin out.

Wearing heavy make up every day could also lead to congested pores and leave you with dull, acne prone skin.

Contouring Compromise


We believe having healthy looking skin the far outweighs the benefits of any make-up technique so if you can, keep your contouring to weekends and/or special events.

Most make-up artists will even say themselves make up is like art, and to achieve a nice painting, an artist needs a good canvas to work with. The skin must be adequately protected, even in the winter season! SPF 50 should be worn at all times, especially if you feel ageing is starting to become a skin concern. Wearing a good SPF is like putting a protective blanket over your skin before leaving the house.

If/when you do contour, then it’s essential that you use a good skincare range. We highly recommend:

  • A good cleanser, such as the Obagi Gentle Cleanser - £40
  • A toner to balance the pH of the skin, such as the Obagi Toner - £40
  • A moisturiser to protect the skin, such as the Obagi Hydrate - £34.95
  • An SPF50 as discussed above, this can be bought with a tint from the Heliocare Range - £28

Using a tinted SPF50 on those low-key and relaxed days, such as the Heliocare Tinted Gel, will ensure that your pores are not being clogged unnecessarily.

Along with a good skincare range, having a yearly course of skin peels would also benefit the skin and keep it in tip top condition.

A course of 3 skin peels start from as little as £145 at Transform. The peels contain a mixture of Salicylic and Malic Acid, which is good for pore size, congestion, acne, dull skin and minor signs of ageing.  

Simone Golumb, Transform Aesthetician