In a bid to reveal the nation’s most opted-for beard types, experts in laser hair removal Transform has created The Beard Bible, deciphering the holy trinity of male grooming – the hair, the face and the body, amen!

1,000 men were surveyed in order to gain an insight into the world of male grooming and the lengths that our gents go to, to remain groomed to perfection.

Despite the increasing interest in beards, over 50% of male brits are still sporting stubble or the clean shave, at 28% and 25% respectively. 

Most popular beard types by region

  • Leeds & Manchester – Stubble (36%, 38%)
  • Liverpool – Long beard (13%)
  • Bristol – Full Beard (20%)
  • Birmingham – Stubble (29%)
  • Belfast – Moustache (14%)
  • Glasgow – Clean/Close shaven (31%)

Bodies, buttocks and bushy brows… oh my!

Working from the top down, Scots are spending the most money on removing unwelcome body hair, with almost 10% spending up to £30 freeing themselves of the fuzz. 

Almost 15% of Geordies, Scousers and Yorkshiremen are currently styling a full beard every day, which can be as long and complex as a hairstyle. Men in Newcastle are also sporting some rather unruly facial hair, with 33% of male residents in the city representing some very bushy eyebrows.

Belfast boys are channelling the likes of Hugh Jackman and Paul Rudd, with 36% admitting to having untameable chest hair, 23% thick stomach and arm hair and 27% are finding their shoulder hair to be a little bit of weight upon them.

From the mountains to the valleys, over a quarter of Welsh blokes are bothered by their bushy backs, spending up to an hour a week on tackling the tricky thicket with hair removal cream (23%).

The Midlands males appear to have less of a hair problem of their body, with more focus on the face, primarily those pesky nostril hairs. 25% of Birmingham blokes are concerned that their nose hair may be too unruly, with 12% plucking them on a daily basis!

Norwich fellas are struggling with hair in very sensitive areas, yes 20% of men in the South East feel that the hair on their bums are a sore subject for them, however only 2% are professional waxing away their problem areas, with the more popular option of hair removal cream, as the go to for 24% of men.

When we pressed men for a little look into the lengths that they have gone to when faced with a body hair dilemma, they soon spilled the beans, confessing that:

  • 16% have opted for hair removal cream
  • 12% have used their partner’s razor, most likely ruining the blade due to the heavier nature of the job
  • 10% put their faith in the hands of the professionals, and opt for the quick and clean wax 
  • 10% tend to their brows (and other sensitive spots) with the tweezers on a daily basis
  • And a naughty 9% have pinched their partners wax strips to rid themselves of unwelcome hairs
  • Other popular options include making use of their partners epilator and requesting their barber trim their eyebrows

The older we get, the less we worry about facial hair, or so it seems with 80% of more mature gentlemen (aged 65+) lacking any ambition to grow a beard, a vast contrast to 18 – 34 year olds, with 100% wishing they could grow a full beard.