‘It’s your metabolism.’...‘It’s hormonal.’...’It’s your figure or your face.’

These were the old chestnuts I ignored pre-40, and in fact, I had the unsympathetic sense that they were excuses, well the weight gain ones anyway! Now, even looking at a chocolate biscuit seems to cause my love handles to leap to attention - but I can’t be sad about it, mainly because that encourages the frown line, right in-between my eyes, to get that little bit deeper...

The reality is, I feel like I’m on a slide that’s heading nowhere but down, and whilst I realise the ride is inevitable, I’m starting to wonder if I can slow it down. I’ve been lucky with both my weight and my skin as I’ve aged. The acne that plagued me in my twenties has been a surprising blessing, that oily complexion is holding up pretty well at 43. My weight has gradually crept up, from a tiny size 6 to an okay-ish size 12. So, it’s not that I’m desperately unhappy, more that I feel that prevention might be better than cure, and a quick look at the latest options in the world of beauty could surely be time well spent?

Sympathy for My Sisters

I don’t have any actual sisters, so this is meant in the broadest sense. It’s easy to be smug about cosmetic procedures when youth and genetics are on your side. I ate what I wanted and had a body that seemed to love dropping down the scales back to a size 8 or 10. I really couldn’t understand why other women complained so much about food, thought so much about it, and treated it like a demon lover. 

Today I know better. I exercise more than I ever did, eat fewer carbs, have cut down on sugar... ok I’m not always great at it, but it really is a source of sorrow that I can’t indulge like I used to. I realise now that some women may always have had this struggle, so I apologise sincerely for my younger self’s lack of empathy!

The ultimate solution

I was going to leave the best till last, but hey, if we can’t tuck into an afternoon doughnut, then I’m not going to deny you the most exciting option. Surely, as we age, one of our biggest complaints is that our waistline expands whilst our face begins to sag. Just like hair, fat begins to appear in all the wrong places. But what if I told you this belly flab could be a reservoir for your own personal store of facial filler. Sounds too good to be true, well maybe not! 

Here at Transform, we are lucky to have one of the leading surgeons in fat transfer, Mr. Netri. This novel new technique is an answer to all my personal prayers because it involves removing those pesky fat pockets in a much less invasive way than traditional liposuction.

My not so loved, love handles will be broken down using ultrasound, then gently removed under a local anaesthetic – fantastic! For someone who is personally very nervous about liposuction, I feel a whole lot more relaxed about this procedure; it’s kind to my surrounding body tissue and only involves a tiny incision – bingo without the bingo wings! This is definitely my kind of treatment. You can read more about the science bit of Vaser Liposuction here on the Transform website, and find out more about fat transfer later in the article.

Choices, choices... ways to combat middle aged spread

Other options I’ve been looking into for my middle-aged wobbly bits are CoolSculpt and Aqualyx, mainly because they are completely non-invasive. 

I’ve read great things about freezing my belly fat away and, as someone who isn’t really overweight per say, just can’t shift the tummy bulge, it sounds like a great option.Fat cells die at a warmer temperature than other body tissue and, after freezing, will simply be dissolved away by my body’s natural elimination process. Giving the cold shoulder to my various lumps and bumps is now a definite on my ‘to do’ list - I have no intention of welcoming bingo wings or chin sag into my life without a fight!

Another similar possibility to combat the flab is Aqualyx, tempting because it’s a simple injection that dissolves the fat away. It’s a sophisticated gem of a treatment which can be highly targeted to pretty much any area of the body. 

So, with these weapons under my belt, I’m feeling confident that I can win the war against the bulge along with a healthy diet and some exercise. If you’re thinking of adding these treatments to your own anti-ageing plan, then read more about CoolSculpting and Aqualyx here.

Saving face

So, I’ve hit gold with those lumps and bumps, but here’s my plan on learning how to love the fat I’m so desperate to banish from my life. Vaser Liposuction isn’t necessarily the end of the line for my tummy bulge; even fat can reincarnate into a better life, and being reborn as a facial rejuvenator definitely pricks up my ears.

In the next article you can read how I plan to make wrinkles and sag a less inevitable part of the ageing process.