Kate, who has just given birth to Prince George, is the celebrity most referred to during consultations with women looking to have surgical and non-surgical treatments to enhance their looks.

Many male patients are also requesting the ‘celeb-look’ with Twilight star Robert Pattinson a firm favourite.

Transform spokesman Shami Thomas said: “Celebrities have a huge influence on the way we dress, the beauty products we buy and the clothes we wear and they are now influencing what we look like too!”

She added: “What’s interesting is the stars they want to look like. We used to see a lot of women asking to look like Katie Price but nowadays they’re choosing celebrities who are more sophisticated and naturally beautiful like Kate Middleton and Myleene Klass. The top 5 female celebrities they say they want to look like are women they’d love to be like too!”

It’s not surprising that Kate Middleton is the No1 requested female celebrity with cosmetic surgery patients. Her long, glossy brunette hair, pearly-white teeth and perfect pins tick every box.

Pop singer Cheryl Cole came a close second in the popularity stakes with her perfect dimples, luscious locks and slime frame a winner with women around the UK.

When it comes to the men, heart throb Robert Pattinson knocks out all other male celebrities with his chiselled jaw line, full head of hair and perfectly positioned nose.

Unsurprisingly Ashton Kutcher came a close second, with his boyish looks and perfect smile.

The top most popular celebrity look-a-like features in Britain 2012:


1. Kate Middleton - nose

2. Cheryl Cole – cheeks / dimples

3. Myleene Klass - chin

4. Nicole Sherzinger - lips

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – eyes


1. Robert Pattinson – chin/jawline

2. Ashton Kutcher - cheeks

3. Jude Law - nose

4. Ryan Gosling – lips

5. Zac Efron – eyes and hair