This week it emerged that the UK has seen a 0.5% rise in people’s happiness and well-being[i] over the last year – this has been attributed to the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations. But here at Transform, we have recently found out that nearly a quarter of Britons feel good about themselves every day.

We recently commissioned some research that showed the reasons why people in the UK are feeling positive, with a substantial 61% of Brits stating doing good deeds for others is what makes them feel good.

37% of Brits said sex is what makes them feel good and other contenders include receiving a compliment, which was seen to change a day for the better and left half of all Brits with a spring in their step, whilst spending time with family induced good feelings for nearly three quarters of all respondents.

For nearly half (45.4%) of the respondents, cooking for loved ones created a feel good factor, together with being told you look younger than you are (43.3%) and being acknowledged by strangers (32.9%) are all reasons that the men and women of the UK are feeling on top of the world.

Commenting on the findings and National Feel Good Campaign, Steven Taylor, Marketing Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery said: “Our research has highlighted that we all have a great deal to feel good about and ultimately shout about. With the fabulous summer we’ve had and these positive findings, it demonstrates that how we’re feeling right now is actually going from strength to strength.


[i] Office for National Statistics, Personal Well-being in the UK, 2013/13