Keep abreast of all facts this October.

Responsible for over 80,000 breast augmentations, the UK’s leading provider of cosmetic surgery, draws attention to the mysteries surrounding society’s fascination with the most celebrated body part - our twin peaks.

The allure of boobs, whether they are pert and petite or big and bouncy, has always been quite the topic of conversation, with the country being united in its love of all things boob-il-licous. Indeed, Transform Cosmetic Surgery reports that the average woman owns a whopping 16 bras at any one time – fine evidence of tender loving care.

This adoration and attention shouldn’t just be given to women’s breasts, in fact, research highlights that men’s nipples are equally as sensitive as women’s – so welcome news for all the men out there.

With breast augmentations (commonly known as ‘boob jobs’) being one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK, Transform’s Shami Thomas grabs her chance to dispel a couple of widespread myths about breast implants and points to some unusual booby facts, whilst October turns pink.

MYTH: Having implants will make it harder to detect any cancerous lumps

Having implants will not make it any harder to detect any lumps – it’s important that if you do go for a breast screening/mammogram, make sure you tell the team looking after you. With self checking, the advice to women with implants is no different to those without, it’s important that you get to know your breasts and you need to regularly check yourself. If you notice anything suspicious, make sure you go and see your doctor or a specialist as soon as you can.

MYTH: Boob jobs can give you cancer

Having a breast augmentation or any type of cosmetic breast surgery including a breast reduction does not increase your risk of developing breast cancer. However, as with all women, you should be breast aware and regularly self examine and if necessary, go for breast screenings when advised.

FUN FACT: Strapped for cash blokes are more likely to prefer a well-endowed woman

Whereas those who are more financially secure, tend to favour a smaller breast department. Would you also believe that the largest recorded natural breast size in history is 102ZZZ!

FUN FACT: Big boobs are booming

Since the 1950s, the average boob size has gone up from a mere 30B to an appetising 36D. And a quarter of women have a different breast size by up to one cup.

FUN FACT: Ditch the workout – just stare at some breasts

If you’re looking for a new exercise regime, ageing expert and ‘author’ Dr Katren Weatherby, suggests that staring at breasts for ten minutes a day is said to be equal to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and can help men live longer! Katren’s study showed that men over 40 who ogle bosoms daily, get their hearts pumping, boost blood circulation and improve their overall health; she suggests staring at a D-cup or larger for optimum effects.

Transform’s Shami Thomas comments: “This month is all about breasts and raising awareness around breast cancer. There are also numerous myths circulating about implants and we want to set the record straight. Additionally, we’ve pulled together some fascinating facts about breasts.

“Importantly, we encourage women and men to keep well-informed of all the latest developments and research into breast cancer, to carry out checks and screenings regularly and to visit their doctor if they notice anything unusual or any changes to the breast area.”