We recently commissioned a survey into the non-surgical cosmetics industry, which highlighted some shocking behaviours and attitudes.

In fact, a whopping thirteen per cent of non-surgical treatment patients we surveyed across the UK confided that they had undergone dermal filler and chemical peel treatments by untrained friends or acquaintances! And a further 1 in 20 stated that they self-administer their treatments – which really drew our attention to the number of people who are not taking their health seriously enough.

More worrying still, nearly a third of respondents have had a treatment at a local beauty salon, 10% have happily had one at home or a friend’s home, and 3% have been treated at a ‘beauty treatment party’. This shows that some people aren’t opting to undergo treatments by someone appropriately qualified to perform the treatment and certainly aren’t concerned that they’re having procedures in a non-clinical environment – again putting themselves at risk.

The research was commissioned to highlight the need for a new Charter for the non-surgical cosmetics industry, which we are developing to demonstrate our own commitment to the highest standards of patient care. We are hoping regulations will be introduced to match these standards, offer better protection for patients and drive out the cowboys within the industry.

Our non-surgical charter follows the Clear Patient Charter we set out in 2012 for cosmetic surgery procedures. As part of this Charter we publish surgeon qualifications and procedure data so patients can see exactly how we are performing.

There are far too many places where people can be injected with dermal fillers or line and wrinkle smoothing treatments by those with minimal or even no training at all, and our Non-Surgical Charter is addressing this and we hope that the rest of the industry will follow suit, and quickly.

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