One of our stunning patients, the lovely Georgina Baird, hit the headlines this week with news of her transformation after shedding almost 10 stone!

A full-time mother of three from Southampton, Georgina, 26, had tried countless diets over the years in order to drop the pounds, before her concerned dad hit upon the idea to pay for her breast enhancement with Transform if she managed to lose the weight.

Georgina, who lives with her husband Elliott, 31, and three children, said: “Dad just wanted to see me healthy but he knew I never managed to stick to the diets for long and so he offered me the surgery as a prize because he knew it would keep me motivated.

“I can’t thank him enough because not only did it mean I finally lost the weight, but I’m also confident with my bust too. For the first time ever I finally like what I see in the mirror and I’m so grateful because there is no greater prize than health and happiness.”

We think Georgina looks amazing, and we wish her the best of luck with her new body!

You can read the full story on Georgina on Mail Online.

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