Graduate and Transform patient, Owen Cheshire, made the news this week after opting for a rhinoplasty to boost his confidence before entering the job market.          

Owen, 21, from Southampton, who is also a member of MENSA, had been considering the surgery for many years, and had grown tired of feeling self-conscious about his nose.

Owen, who now works for his former university’s research arm, said: “It was a no brainer for me. I wanted to enter the job market at my best and I couldn’t be that with confidence issues.

“Now I’m confident and ready to tackle anything. It’s simple logic, feeling less ugly has made me braver and happier. It’s nice not to be laughed at because of my nose.

“It’s a complete myth that only shallow or stupid people care about the way they look. It’s not shallow to want to make the best of yourself.

“I researched the companies thoroughly and Transform seemed to offer the best after care and support.”

We wish Owen all the best with his career, and we’re so glad he’s now able to go for job opportunities with real enthusiasm and vigour.

You can read the full story on Owen on Mail Online.

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