The stunning Liberty Caton, one of our lovely patients, told her story this week after going through an incredible transformation, opting for a breast augmentation.

Liberty, 23, from Slough in Berkshire, had been lacking in confidence for years due to a medical condition called Scoliosis, which causes severe curvature of the spine.

Liberty’s shoulders and ribs protruded at different angles as a result, and one leg grew shorter than the other.

After undergoing an operation to correct the shape of her spine, Liberty decided to have a breast augmentation, giving her the feminine curves she’d always dreamed of.

Liberty, who has since taken part in a modelling shoot for Transform, said: “The staff at Transform were extremely sympathetic with regards to my medical history and I felt the surgeon really understood why it was so important to me to have the operation after what I had been through.

“My condition stopped me feeling attractive for many years. But now after the operations I could not be happier.

“I can now walk into a shop and pick anything I like knowing it will fit and look nice. I threw out all my baggy clothes – I spent my teenage years hidden away so I’m making up for lost time.”

It’s great to see Liberty’s confidence blossom, and we’re thrilled that we were able to help.

Read Liberty's full story and watch her video. Liberty Caton

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