How do you feel about your breasts? A question that has been addressed in the upcoming book ‘Bare Reality’, by photographer, Laura Dodsworth.

Frustrated by the how the media portrays breasts (youthful and sexualised), Laura took to this project to “rehumanise” women by presenting photography of breasts as they are in reality and collating 100 stories  - she was fascinated by how “we see images of breasts everywhere” but that they aren’t real.

So 100 women took to answering this important question (how do you feel about your breasts?) and have revealed their stories and explained their relationships with their breasts. Ranging in age from 19 to 101 years old, with people from all walks of life - from a priest to a cancer survivor and women who have had surgery, Laura’s subjects provide honest and raw interviews about confidence, struggles and self-esteem relating to their breasts, which run alongside their individual pictures. She, herself, is the 100th subject in the book.

The project serves to remind women to be proud of their bodies. The result, Laura hopes, will empower women and assure them that they can positively change how they feel about their breasts and their relationships with them.