The decline of male body hair

A recent survey by Mintel[1] claims that half of all Brits admit that there is considerably more pressure for men to remove their body hair than ever before.

In fact, the results show that one in five men feel that they are expected to remove their chest hair to get a smooth, preened torso. 18% said they felt pressure to remove hair from their underarms and 13% from their legs. A further 39% explained they feel others expect them to keep their facial hair expertly trimmed.

So it seems that today’s modern man is certainly more inclined to focus on looking neat and tidy, which includes an impeccably groomed body where the hair department is concerned. A must-do of a woman’s beauty regime, hair removal is now becoming an important part of the male routine.

Perhaps it’s down to the increasingly fashion and celebrity conscious era we are living in; with the likes of David Beckham, the male TOWIE stars and Ryan Gosling sporting smooth chests and/ or neatly groomed facial hair. One thing’s for sure - it’s increasingly becoming the norm for men to take on this personal maintenance and join in the trend of ‘manscaping’, for a hair-free body.